App Submission Guide

Below is an easy to follow step by step guide in how to submit your application.
Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office allows applications that are developed using Samsung SDKs.
You must register as a member first if you are not yet a member.
Let's start to grab the great opportunity with Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office.

  • 0. Go to Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office:
  • 0. Go to Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office: Click the ‘Add New Application’ Link.
  • 0. Go to Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office: Select a platform to register application.
  • 1-1. App Information: Click the ‘App Information’ on the left menu. There are two mode types; Simple and Advanced. If you would like to view the mandatory fields only, select the Simple mode.
  • 1-1. App Information(continued): Click the Screenshot link. The guide is below: JPG/PNG format Min 320 pixels, Max 3840 pixels Image ratio 2:1 Min 4 to max 8 image can be uploaded.
  • 1-2. Binary : Click the ‘upload button’ then select binary file.
  • 1-2. Binary: Click the ‘Add binary’ to upload binary
  • 1-2. Binary: Click the ‘selected device(s)’ link to select which device groups your app supports.
  • 1-3. Country & Price: There are two price types; Free and Paid. Check 'Paid' if your application is not free to use.
  • 1-4. Certification: Enter a description in less than 4,000 bytes.
  • 2. Submission: Click the “Submit” button after All requirements are filled.