Step by Step Guide

Below is an easy to follow step by step guide in how to submit your application.
You can submit your application at Seller Office(
You must register as a member first if you are not yet a member.

  • 0. Go to Samsung Apps Seller Office :
  • 0. Go to Samsung Apps Seller Office : Click the 'Add New Application' Link.
  • 0. Go to Samsung Apps Seller Office : There're 3 Steps for Application Registration. Step 1 Basic Information, Step 2 Display Information, Step 3 Final Review.
  • 1-1. Basic Information - Device : Enter the Application Title less than 100 bytes.
  • 1-2. Basic Information - Binary : Let Samsung Apps know the features of the app to activate the Device Filtering mechanism, which will find and recommend the right devices for the app. .bada : Contents Type, Resolution,Power VP,Amera key, VoIP, NFC, Google Mobile Service. .Windows Mobile : Contents Type, Resolution, version .Android : Contents Type, Resolution, S pen, Google Mobile Service
  • 1-2. Basic Information - Binary : Register an APK file, the Android binary format, in Application File.
  • 1-3. Basic Information - Sales & DRM : Check 'Paid' if your application is not free to use. (Note: Not all countries supports Paid-contents).Select the countries where the applications are to be sold. Fill it if you want your application is be on sales from a certain date. If you use DRM option of binary, select 'Yes'.
  • 1-4. Basic Information - Category : Select the Category and age rating.
  • 2-1. Display Information - Description : Enter the Description less than 4,000 bytes.
  • 2-2. Display Information - Tags : Select the Featured Tags, Other Tags, and Taste Tags.
  • 2-3. Display Information - Languages : Select the languages supported by application.
  • 2-4. Display Information - Icon & Screenshots : Upload the icon image. (GIF/JPG/PNG, 135x135, under 500KB)
  • 2-5. Display Information - Support information, comments : If any, enter the Copyright Holder. It’ll be displayed as the Seller name. Enter the Support e-mail address. Enter the comments for reference during the certification.(Please write the comments in ENLGISH)
  • 3. Final Review : Confirm that all the data are entered in conformity with the guide.
  • 4. Complete : Congratulations! Now the app submission is done when the message 'Application registration has been completed' is displayed.