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Samsung Apps is a marketplace that offers a variety of applications which are specially designed for Samsung smart device users. To find out where Samsung Apps operates, visit the global coverage section. To find out Samsung Apps accepted payment methods check out our payment options page.

The Samsung Apps ecosystem enables developers to distribute their apps to Samsung mobile users worldwide. There are three simple steps to becoming a Samsung Apps seller.

Three Steps - 1. Development 2. Sumbmission 3. Distribution


Developers download the appropriate SDK and get ongoing development support from Samsung Developers .


Developers register apps at the Samsung Apps Seller Office, and all apps go through a careful testing and approval process to determine whether the app meets the Samsung Apps submission criteria.

For more information on submitting an app to Samsung Apps, take a look at our App Submission Guide and the Samsung Apps Certification Guide


Apps are then distributed to millions of potential customers through our 3 global channels - Online, On Device and On PC, via Kies.

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