Samsung Apps Features

Premium Application

Samsung Apps offers multiple ways for you to generate revenue from various services and features of Samsung Apps.
Samsung Apps offers users more opportunities to try out a wider range of apps. These experiences easily lead users to purchasing apps. Also, you can develop various profit models based on the convenient payment system and advertising services provided by Samsung Apps.

Try ’N Play & Rent ’N Play services offer users a chance to try an application before making a purchase. Now, users are able to try out a wider range of apps before buying them. When the trial period is over, Samsung Apps provides an easy way for the user to purchase the app, providing more sales opportunities for the seller.

Kies Detail Page/ODC Scenario After Expiration

The seller can set the period and price for Try ’N Play & Rent ’N Play services at the Seller Office to offer users a chance to experience apps before buying.

Setting Service price and period

The In-App Purchase feature facilitates payments inside of apps. In-App Purchases can easily attract users to make purchases. Samsung Apps is increasing the number of countries with phone billing support to achieve higher profits for sellers.

You can download the In-App Purchase SDK and get technical support for In-App Purchases in the Samsung Developer Forum.

In-App Purchase Library : Download / Forum

Samsung Apps also supports advertising services through Samsung AdHub. Samsung AdHub features N-Screen capabilities with support for mobile devices, tablets, and Smart TVs, providing optimal services for you to generate revenue through ad support in your apps.

Mobile&Tablet device/bada&Andoid OS/Various type of AD/Ineractive Supporting click-to-actions

Samsung AdHub has an extensive advertiser pool, smart ad targeting optimized for users, and real-time bidding to help you achieve higher revenues.

For more information on Samsung AdHub, please visit

  • The Samsung AdHub site provides developer guides, tutorials and 24-hour 1:1 developer

Samsung Apps Marketing Support

Samsung Apps helps you publicize your apps in many ways.

You can publicize your apps by utilizing online and offline media provided by Samsung Apps, and you can introduce your apps to people in more countries in multiple languages.


Samsung Apps operates Samsung Apps banners and the “Featured” area to effectively publicize apps to more users.

Samsung Apps Banner/Featured

Helps you to participate in different types of promotions and hold Seller Campaigns.

Seasonal/Theme Promotion/Seller Promotion
Social Media

Samsung Apps operates separate social network channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. By utilizing these channels, Samsung Apps is introducing distinguished apps, current events, and app tutorial videos uploaded by sellers.

Samsung Apps Facebook/twitter/you tube

Also, all the contents created for the Samsung Apps Facebook pages are translated into different languages and posted on localized Samsung Facebook pages for countries around the world.


Samsung Apps networks with media around the world and over 200 global power bloggers. You can introduce your apps and campaigns by utilizing these media resources.

App Localization

Samsung Apps is in 120 countries around the world and has a translation service to help you sell your apps in more countries. With Samsung Apps, you can globalize your apps for multiple countries and languages.

App Localization
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