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Note II (GT-N7100) and Sudden Death Syndrome?

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Started by Newbie zmbasaran , 60 Seed Jul 07, 2013 19:29 Posts : 8 View : 23660 Likes : 4
Dear all,

I bought my Note II (GT-N7100) last November and till 2 weeks ago it was working like a charm... However, by 2 weeks ago, it suddenly started to freeze and crash. At first I tought it was a problem with the applications that I am using and I reverted the phone to the factory settings from the settings menu and tried to use the phone with no additional apps. Unfortunately that didn't solved the problem and even the naked phone (with no apps) started to crash. I checked if the problem is caused because of a setting or a program but I couldn't find any. Sometimes it freezes when I am using google maps, sometimes at the settings menu or sometimes when I am sending an SMS. This happens numerous times in a day but with no specific number.

I checked the internet for the problem and learned about this sudden death syndrome (SDS) at the xda-developers forum. The mentioned that all of the first generation Note IIs with 16GB memory have this some-what defective chip (aka. "Insane Chip") and this chip causes the problem between 6  to 12 months of the phone usage. They also mentioned that Samsung solved this problem in the Note IIs with 32GB memory. To check if the phone has this insane chip they suggested an app called eMMC Checker. I installed this app and learned that unfortunately I have this insane chip. The details of the chip is as follows: Type: VTU00m FwRev: 0xf1

For some other pages I also learned that Samsung started to repair these devices in Europe (i.e. United Kingom). As you can see, I am now using my phone for almost 7 months and I started to show the syptoms. However, as the information I could find are from some third party sources, I decided to look for some official announcements from Samsung. I spoke with the call-center today and they informed me that this may be the case with the phones which are sold some other countries and they have no information about it. They suggested me to reset my phone again and to take the phone to a service center if the problem occurs again. By the way I bought my phone from Turkey and it was one of the first Note IIs that are sold here. So I am guessing I may be one of the first few people who are experiencing this problem here in Turkey.

As I couldn't find any official announcement about this issue, I am curious if that so-called sudden death syndrome or insane chip is real? And if you guys know any official announcements or recalls to service?

Thanks for your answers,


- Here are some websites which I learned about this SDS issue:
- I found a video on youtube which shows the things I experience on my phone:


N7100 , SuddenDeathSyndrome

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Newbie hayigit , 40 Seed Aug 07, 2013 07:43 Post #1 1
 I'm from Turkey and I have exactly same problem with my N7100.

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Newbie lukasx123 , 20 Seed Aug 12, 2013 12:02 Post #2 1
 I had the same problem.  I have sent off my handset to Samsung for a repair, so I am waiting to see what action they took to resolve the issue.  Hopefully, they replaced the hardware instead of trying to reset the software...
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Newbie enveruygun , 20 Seed Aug 23, 2013 20:14 Post #3 1
Hello Lukas,

What happened with the service? 
Have they replaced the board?

Thanks in advance, 

This content has been quoted from lukasx123@’s thought. (Link to original post)

 I had the same problem.  I have sent off my handset to Samsung for a repair, so I am waiting to see what action they took to resolve the issue.  Hopefully, they replaced the hardware instead of trying to reset the software...

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Newbie hayigit , 40 Seed Sep 03, 2013 15:49 Post #4 1
 Samsung service replaced my phones mainboard. No problem anymore. But the replaced mainboard have the same insane chip. 

Screenshots shows the eMMC chips before and after repair:

File Attachments
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Newbie hmikha , 0 Seed Oct 27, 2013 08:58 Post #5 0
I bought a Note 2 from Mobinil Egypt in December 2012, I had the exact same problem and my phone had sudden death and I had to change the mother board at Samsung agent in Egypt and when I checked on eMMc check the chip was replaced to a sane chip. I am just mad that Samsung knew this would happen to our phones and just did nothing, there are many Note 2 users in Egypt here that will experience same problem and loose all their data and contacts as happend to me!!!
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Developer ionlaurentiu14 , 4940 Seed Nov 04, 2013 08:16 Post #6 0

  same issue here did anybody resolved it?
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Newbie viczan , 210 Seed Apr 01, 2014 23:57 Post #7 0
Unfortunately its happened  to me the same problen of sudden death to NOTE2 now and the Galaxy 3 and a half years ago.
The device NOTE2 still under warranty, ( I have bought the NOTE2 before 8 months ago) but the vendor argues that it is not under warranty and wanted me to pay for the repair.  It does not seem logical to me that a company like Samsung denies this problem. According to what I read online is a global problem, so why a reputable company like Samsung does not solved this issue ? 
What do you think can be done to Samsung fix the problem?
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Newbie nijhara , 210 Seed May 24, 2014 12:47 Post #8 0

I am from India.
I bought my note 2 in Jan 2013, and 1 week back, my note 2 got stuck at the welcome screen "note 2 N7100" thingy, I tried to replace the battery but it wouldn't move forward. So I gave it to the service centre, so the service centre tells me that the software is not getting accepted by the device, it shows some error and they tell me my motherboard is broken :(! 

I don't understand that how could this have happened? I always used the stock os, took good care of the phone. I emailed samsung about this, so I get a call from them and they tell me if the service centre says motherboard needs to be fixed then you have to pay the full amount. I have to shell out 22% of the value of the phone I got for, for fixing the motherboard. This is outrageous and I have decided not to give samsung a second chance and save my money for other brands. I am really annoyed with samsung.

I never expected this from samsung, especially after buying their best phone in their premium segment. I hoped that I wouldn;t need a phone for atleast 3 years but the phone is broken in just 17 months of usage which is very offputting. 
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