Release Note Jun 22, 2017


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    Jun 22, 2017

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            • Provides the Samsung Accessory SDK libraries.




            • Provides sample applications.  



           API References


           For more information about Accessory, see API Reference.


           Programming Guides


           The programming guide includes an overview, sample applications, and feature descriptions.

Resolved Issues

Change History

    • Added logic for gathering usages of SDK.

    • Enabled to start Sub-class of SAAgent.

    • Removed unused codes.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Enhanced stability on Android 7.0.

    • Updated the log for error code to obtain detailed information.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Support for Accessory Message which enables to send or receive a message without Service Connection between peer devices.

    • Added several new APIs for supporting Accessory Message.

      • Added new SAMessage class and additional APIs
      • Updated Programming guide
      • Updated API reference
      • Added new Sample application
      • Refer to Programming guide, API reference and Sample application in more detail
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Update Programming guide descriptions

      • Add class diagram for service profile APIs
      • Remove unnecessary images & descriptions
    • Update API reference descriptions

      • Remove unnecessary descriptions for service profile APIs
    • Added several new APIs for getting service profile information

      • SAAgent.getServiceChannelId()
      • SAAgent.getServiceChannelSize()
      • SAAgent.getServiceProfileId()
      • SAAgent.getServiceProfileName()
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Support content URI based file transfer.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Modified sample applications for multiple Peer Agents.

    • Added constants for actions.

    • Added error constant for binding failure.

      • SAFileTransfer.ERROR_FATAL
    • Support in sending files or folders regardless its location whether public or private folder.

    • Support for the Android phones, not limited to Samsung.
      * Supported devices vary depending on your region, operator and device brand.

    • Replaced sample provider applications with applications utilized in GEAR.

    • Added two more sample applications.

    • New intent actions will be required when you initialize Accessory and Accessory File Transfer. Refer to the programming guide for more information.

    • Introduced several new APIs supporting file transfer.

      • SAFileTransfer.cancelAll()
      • SAFileTransfer.EventListener.onCancelAllCompleted()
      • SAFileTransfer.close()
    • Added several new APIs for supporting multiple peers properly.

      • SAAgent.onFindPeerAgentsResponse()
      • SAAgent.onPeerAgentsUpdated()

    Can get a compilation error (unimplemented methods) unless methods are implemented or overridden.

    • Merged accessory file transfer library into accessory library.

    • Fixed Android 5.0 explicit intent exception issue.

    • Replaced Gallery sample application as linked type.

    • This version has been released with enhanced stability and better performance.

    • Fixed inconsistent synchronization issue.

    • Fixed unmarshalling error in service connection indication from old framework.

    • Added more arguments into the APIs below and a new API for supporting multiple devices properly.

      • SAAgent.onServiceConnecionResponse()
      • SAAgent.onError()
      • SAPeerAccessory.getAccessoryId()
    • Added error constants for Permission

    • The Accessory is separated from Samsung Mobile SDK to make an efficient environment application development.

    • New permission will be required when you initialize Accessory and Accessory File Transfer. Refer to the programming guide for more information.


  • Accessory

    • Controls the smart device remotely (for example, controlling music volume).
    • Provides notification relay or alarm.
    • Locates the smart device.
    • Provides the interface to enable any application’s features between the smart device and the accessory device.
  • Accessory File Transfer

    • Transfers files using Samsung Accessory Service Framework