Using Pen SDK in Eclipse development environmentFeb 25, 2016

From version 4.1.x, Pen SDK library is packed into a AAR file in order to be more convenient for using in Android Studio (official environment for developing android applications). For everyone who still finds Eclipse is a familiar, convenient development environment, this guide is a tip to integrate new Pen SDK library to applications. So, if you want to use Eclipse to make Pen SDK-based applications, please follow these below steps :

  • Download Pen SDK library from the developer site

  • Extract the ZIP file and find AAR file. Then extract the AAR file to AAR folder, which has structure as below :

  • Copy files from AAR file folders to application folders to include Pen SDK :

AAR folder
(copy from)
Application folder
(copy to)
Description Mark
/assets/vidata/ /assets/ Pen SDK text recognition library Optional
/jni/armeabi/ /libs/ Pen SDK native libraries  
All JAR files in /libs/ /libs/ Pen SDK dependency libraries  
All resources in /res/ /res/ Pen SDK resources  
classes.jar /libs/ Pen SDK java library