Here is a quick look at the new features you can use to make powerful Gear watchfaces.


Use Bluetooth to connect to send watch faces

Now you can send watch faces directly from the Gear Watch Designer
to your Gear through a USB-connected phone paired with your Gear.

Show Weather information on your Watch face

Add the current weather to your watch face designs using up to date info provided by OpenWeatherMap.

Preference settings

Customize your Gear Watch Designer basic settings.
Also you can easily enter API keys from other services.


High color always-on states & Enhanced animation features

Let users try before they buy

Give users a chance to try out your watch face for free before they buy it.
This will attract more potential customers,
and help you get valuable feedback on your design.

Make your watch face more dynamic

Bring your watch face to life by applying Gyro effects, and see how components resize, opacity, rotate, and move around the screen as the Gear tilts.


High color always-on states & Enhanced animation features

Password security

Protect your project files by locking them with a password.
If a project file is created as a locked file, it cannot be changed to a non-locked file.

Group layers

Grouping your Layers together keeps them organized and uncluttered. You can still select an individual Layer within a group to work on.

High color always-on states & Enhanced animation features

Enhanced Always on features

Always on watch faces can now display all kinds of data, including time, battery level, and steps taken.
The new Analyzer feature checks the Current On Pixel Ratio of your design to ensure that it will display correctly on a watch face.

Import PSD files

Drag and drop PSD files to Gear Watch Designer,
and you’ll see the same folder structure that you would if you were working in Adobe Photoshop.


High color always-on states & Enhanced animation features

High color always-on states

Always-on states now have no limitation on the amount of color they can use, so they can match their active counterparts more closely.

Enhanced animation features

New editing tools mean PNG sequences can now be put together in a number of different ways.