Testing ENKRCN

1. Run on a computer

You can test your watch face on your computer by selecting Run from the menu bar.

Run on a computer
A. Time slider

Use the time slider to check out how your watch face changes with time.

B. Other conditions

Run a preview of your watch face and use the other sliders to see how any conditions you’ve added change the look and feel of your design.

Other conditions
C. Capture your work

Grab a screenshot of your watch face and save it as an image. You can use this as the preview image of your watch face once you upload it to the store.

D. Preview your Always-on watch face

Take a look at the Always-on version of your design.

E. Test any buttons

Click on any button components to test that they function properly.

2. Run on a device

Test your watch face on a Gear device by selecting Run from the menu bar.

Run on a device

Step 1. Select a device

Find the Gear device that you want to test your watch face on.

Click 1Click Run on device on the Menu bar

Click 2Select a device


Make sure that your device is certified with a distributor certificate, and is connected to the same network as your computer.

Visit Connect to GWD for more information about how to connect your Gear to Gear Watch Designer.

Step 2. Test your watch face

3. Testing the trial period

To check if your trial period works properly, you can test it during the build process.

Run on a computer

Step 1. Change the In App Purchase test settings
The Gear Watch Designer provides 3 IAP test options.

1. Commercial : Tests the full version of your watch face before you make it available for sale.

2. Always success : Tests the version of your watch face that shows what happens when a user chooses to buy the full version.

3. Always fail : To test fail case of In App Purchase, set IAP Test Mode to Always fail. In this mode developer can test how it works if user fail to purchase watch face.

* To use all of these test options on your Gear, you need to register your watch face. For more details, see the Uploading section.

Run on a computer

Step 2. Build and Test
Once you’ve tested the IAP test settings, build it and run it on your Gear to ensure everything works perfectly.