S Health Branding Guidelines
with Samsung Digital Health SDKSep 7, 2016


This page includes the following branding guidelines how Samsung Digital Health applications connect to S Health.

  • Notification for working with S Health

  • Connection to S Health

  • Permission setting for used health data types

  • S Health’s brand name and icon

Notification for Working with S Health

If your application works with S Health, notify user with the concrete description when your application is launched. You can use any format to notify it but need to follow guidelines below. The right figure shows an example of a launching screen.

  • Do show the notification explicitly for working with S Health when user launches your application first.

  • Do include a concrete description to work with S Health with the “S Health” name in the notification.

  • Do place the notification at the first depth of the launching screen that user can check it without an additional action such as selecting link in sentences or a button.

Example for launching screen Example for launching screen

Connection to S Health

When you connect to S Health in your application, keep the following guidelines. The right figures shows examples for the connection to S Health.

  • Do mark the entry point for S Health connection including the following cases.

    • Data permission setting

    • S Health's health data access

    • Jumping to S Health

  • Do use a menu name like “Connect to S Health“ or other user interfaces related to connection with S Health in your application.

  • Do explain benefits of S Health when your application connects to S Health.

Menu example to connect with S Health Menu example to connect with S Health
Example of connection UI to S Health
Example of connection UI to S Health

Permission Setting for Used Health Data Types

Samsung Digital Health SDK provides the permission setting UI through permission manager APIs for user to select health data usage for each data type in your application.

  • Do use permission manager APIs that the SDK provides to show the permission setting UI.

  • Do make application’s UI that user can change the permission setting at any time in your application.

  • Do not make other designed UI for the permission setting.

Example flow for permission setting
Example flow for permission setting

S Health's Brand Name & Icon

When you connect to S Health from your application, use the S Health’s brand name and icon written below.

S Health’s Brand Name - "S Health"
  • Do use its brand name as S Health.

  • Do not modify it including the following cases.

    • SHealth

    • Shealth

    • S-Health

    • SHealth

    • Samsung Digital Health

    • Samsung Digital Health platform

S Health’s Icon
  • Do use the official S Health’s icon. You can get it here.

    S Health’s icon
    S Health’s icon
  • Do not modify the icon.

  • Do not use resource images of S Health except its icon.

  • Do not use the S Health’s icon or similar icon for your own application.