Programming GuideFeb 25, 2016

Samsung Digital Health SDK helps developers to synchronize health data with S Health 4.x safely and to create useful health applications. The health data store’s integrated health data in S Health can be shared with other S Health’s partner applications based on user’s consent. S Health supports Android devices with KitKat 4.4 including non-Samsung devices.

Figure 1: Samsung Digital Health service Figure 1: Samsung Digital Health service

Refer to Table 1 for Samsung Digital Health SDK glossary.

Term Description
Health data framework It provides useful features to handle user’s health data. As it is included in S Health, applications for Samsung Digital Health works after installing S Health 4.x.
S Health An application that helps monitor user’s activities and helps the user makes a healthier life with pedometer, exercise, heart rate, and etc. It can be downloaded from the application market like Google Play or Galaxy Apps.
It’s written as italic in this document.
Table 1: Glossary

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