Release NoteFeb 25, 2016


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    Feb 25, 2016

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    Release Contents
    SDK Libraries Provides libraries related to Health Data of Samsung Digital Health.
    Sample Provides a sample application.
    Tool Provides DataViewer to test your application.
    Documents API References Contains detailed descriptions for Health Data APIs of Samsung Digital Health. See API Reference for more information.
    Programming Guides Includes the overview, development environment, fundamentals, feature descriptions, use cases and sample descriptions.

Change History

    • A new meal type, MEAL_TYPE_BEFORE_SLEEP is added to HealthConstants.BloodGlucose.

    • MEAN_RPM is added to HealthConstants.Exercise.

    • In 1.2.0, HealthConnectionErrorResult.UNKNOWN had been retrieved when S Health prior to 4.6 is installed on the device. In this release, a bug for the wrong error value is fixed to give HealthConnectionErrorResult.OLD_VERSION_PLATFORM. You can solve the error situation by calling HealthConnectionErrorResult.resolve().

    • The following APIs are deprecated:

      • HealthResultHolder.cancel()

      • HealthResultHolder.BaseResult.STATUS_CANCELED

    • HealthDevApp is removed. Use DataViewer to test your application.

      • "" in manifest to use HealthDevApp is not required.

    • To make a clear operation after the Permission UI is popped up, the existing PermissionManager.requestPermissions() is deprecated. Use new API with the activity parameter instead of it.

    • connectService()with the timeout parameter is added to HealthDataStore.

    • HealthConstants.SleepStage to present detailed sleep data is added.

    • Body fat, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, and basal metabolic rate properties are added to HealthConstants.Weight.

    • The minimum heart rate property is added to HealthConstants.Exercise.

    • The user name and user’s picture image can be retrieved through HealthUserProfile.

    • For more detailed information, refer to here.

    • Sample application projects are updated to import them on Android Studio.

    • HealthConnectionErrorResult

      • The device that supports S Health 4.x can be checked with hasResolution().

      • hasResolution() and resolve() require the android.permission.INTERNET permission.

    • HealthConstants.BloodGlucose


      • MEAL_TYPE_AFTER_BEDTIME is deprecated.

    • "Treadmill" and "Elliptical trainer" are added to the predefined type of HealthConstants.Exercise

    • putNull() to set a value of data property as null is added to HealthData

    • Available ranges or operations of some APIs are changed. For more detailed information, refer to here.

    • HealthConnectionErrorResult.resolve()'s operation is changed without a dialog.

    • Some constants for unit are added and descriptions of HealthConstants interfaces are changed.

    • If the handler parameter of the HealthDataObserver’s constructor is null, the looper of the current thread will be used for the callback.

    • A permissible range of medical data for countries is expanded.

    • For more detailed information, refer to here.

Known Issues

  • There are currently no known issues.


Health data store
  • Handles the service connection.

  • Inserts, reads, updates and deletes health data.

Health data type
  • Predefined data types such as counting steps or food intake.

Checks and Requests permissions to handle health data.