Release Note


  • Release Date:

    Jan 11, 2018

  • Version:


  • Release Contents
    Release Contents
    API Reference API descriptions to access Samsung Health Server
    Sample Sample app codes

Change History

    • "" data type

      • It is deprecated. Please do not use it any more. It will be removed soon.

    • "" data type

      • "food_info_id" is deprecated.

    • Samsung Health Server SDK v1.0.0

      • A new SDK release


  • OAuth2 authorization

    • Authorization code grant

    • Implicit grant

    • Client credential

  • Samsung Account login

  • Permission per data type

Data Access
  • User profile

  • Device info

  • User’s Health data

    • Retrieve user data since given time

    • Create/update data

    • Delete data

    • Notify change to other device of the given user

Data Type
  • Public data types

Permission Opt-in/out Web
  • Permission opt-in/out for the given user