Release NoteJul 28, 2016


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    Jul 28, 2016

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    Release Contents
    SDK Libraries Provides libraries related to S Health Service of Samsung Digital Health.
    Sample Provides sample applications.
    Documents API References Contains detailed descriptions for S Health Service APIs of Samsung Digital Health. See API Reference for more information.
    Programming Guides Includes the overview, development environment, fundamentals, feature descriptions, use cases and sample descriptions.
    Tracker Design Guidelines Guides how to design your tracker and its tile.

Change History

    • Only an unused library is removed from the sample app project. You don’t need to update your app with this version.

    • APIs for the feature availability check are added in the Shealth class.



      • isFeatureEnabled(int...)

    • Shealth.isFeatureEnabled(int) was the default implementation and didn’t work. It is updated to check the feature availability.

    • To launch the S Health’s specific tracker with TrackerInfo and TrackerManager, S Health 4.8 or above is needed.

    • S Health Simulator is removed from the SDK tool because S Health’s available devices had been expanded.

    • Shealth.initialize() doesn’t throw SsdkUnsupportedException and SecurityException.

    • permission is not required.

    • The title of tile design guidelines is changed to Tracker Design Guidelines.

    • Guide for TrackerEventListener is supplemented. Check your application after referring to the API Reference and Programming Guide.

    • Description of Tile Design Guideline for Tracker is supplemented.

    • The icon size of TRACKER_TILE_TYPE_1 is changed to 60.

Known Issues

  • There are currently no known issues.


Tracker Tile Manager
  • Posts a defined tracker tile on the S Health’s main screen.

  • Removes a posted tracker tile from the S Health’s main screen.

Tracker Tile
  • Defines a tracker tile for your own tracker.

Tile Event Handling
  • Receives tracker tile events from the S Health’s main screen.