Guide for ‘Downloadable Theme’ Content Providers
Jul 23, 2012

Guide for ‘Downloadable Theme’ Content Providers

The new release of bada 2.0 Theme service provides the content providers/developers with a rich set of features to build better Themes.

This document serves as guidelines for the Content Providers to know about:

bada Theme Service Models & Compatibility Standards
Theme App Development Guide by bada Platform Version
bada Theme Development FAQ

bada Theme Service Models & Compatibility Standards

Models that support bada Theme Service and (bada) platform versions are shown in the below table.


A model must be selected in order to develop a theme.
Themes developed for a specific model is compatible with other models with the same resolution and platform. Consider a case where in Theme built for Wave525 will be compatible with Wave533, Wave575, Wave578 & Wave723 models (Resolution is WQVGA 240 X 400 and platform is bada 1.x).
The bada 1.0 themes are compatible with the same resolution on the bada 2.0 platform. However, bada 2.0 themes do not run on bada 1.x platforms.
bada 1.0 themes and bada 2.0 themes can be differentiated by the API version included in the manifest.xml file of an application. The API version can be selected from “Create New Application ID” on the bada Developers website.

Theme App Development Guide by bada Platform Version

Flash, Lock Screen and other features are supported in bada 2.0 themes. For more information, refer to the “Flash Theme Tutorial” at bada Developers.
While creating manifest.xml, select “API version” as 2.0 to create bada 2.0 based themes.Kindly Note that bada 2.0 themes are not compatible with bada 1.x model.
bada 1.x themes are compatible with same models based on bada 2.0 platform hence no additional actions are required from your end to maintain sales. However, unique features supported in bada 2.0 platform shall not be available to bada 1.x based themes.
4) If you want to use bada 2.0 theme features in bada 1.0 theme, you must create a new bada 2.0 theme. In this case, the newly created bada 2.0 theme is limited to bada 2.0 models.Recommendation: Maintain the existing bada 1.0 theme services.

bada Theme Development FAQ

I want to try using bada Theme Service, which should I choose, bada 2.0 or bada 1.0 themes?
If you consider creating a new bada Theme Service, then choose bada 2.0 theme as it supports the most models. However, there are still many bada 1.x model users, so you can expand your theme to bada 1.0 later too.
Can I create a bada 2.0 theme without Flash™?
Yes, you can create bada 2.0 themes without Flash. However, if you want animation for your theme concept, then using Flash is an option. If you are interested in Flash development, refer to the “Flash Theme Tutorial” at bada Developers.
If I am using bada 2.0 model, does the theme gets registered in Samsung Apps that is compatible with bada 1.x themes, or has it to be developed as a bada 2.0 theme from the start?
No, you have to explicitly register the theme as 2.0 if you use bada 2.0 specific features. There is no need to differentiate the themes because bada 1.0 themes are compatible with bada 2.0 models. However, from a seller’s perspective, if the theme supports unique bada 2.0 features then the seller should provide an explanation on the product features to enhance users' understanding of the product. It’s observed that users do not have access to this type of information.
I want to improve an existing bada theme. Do I need to use the same Samsung Theme Designer version that I used initially to create the themes?
The Samsung Theme Designer is upgraded with backward compatibility, so if the SDK used at the time of theme creation is lower than the most recent one, then it is suggested to use the higher version.
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