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The TV SDK Extension provides developers with all the tools required to develop apps for our Smart TVs. It includes an IDE, a light-weight TV simulator (for testing web apps), and a TV Emulator (for testing Tizen apps). Samsung has combined the best TV features with a robust development environment so engineers can build apps for millions of Samsung TV owners. 

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New Feature Spotlight

Develop - Preview

Smart Hub Preview

The Smart Hub Preview feature allows apps to surface content on the main Samsung TV UI, even when the user is not currently using that app. Designed to simplify content discovery and increase engagement, the Preview can display up to 40 tiles of content, each with their own deep link capability to launch directly to specific content when clicked. 

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Develop - Performance

Improving Performance

We put together a collection of tips and best practices for developing apps with a focus on efficiency and performance. 

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Develop - NaCl Player

NaCl Player

NaCl Player is a multimedia player API that provides a way to build a fully featured VOD player for the Samsung Smart TV. The API provides control of multimedia playback and handling of streaming operations.

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    Welcome aboard! Creating a Smart TV application is a very easy process and we have provided extensive user guideline which will help developer at every step from creating a application to launching it on the Seller site. Feel free to contact Samsung technical support for any issue. For more details, please refer for more details

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    Nice! You have created your application and tested on SDK Emulator, Now it is ready for uploading and testing on the TV set. You can complete most of the testing of an application on the emulator itself but it is highly recommended to test your application on the TV also. The emulator and the TV environments are very similar but there are some differences at hardware level. For more details, please refer

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    You can easily convert your existing Tizen Mobile application to Smart TV Application. Some minor API modifications, registering the remote controller keys, using the IME and UX guidelines and here you go with your Tizne Smart TV Application. Please refer. for more details

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    Preview is a newly introduced feature of Samsung Smart TV. It allows users to directly see contents and deep link of the application whenever he/she hovers over an application on Smart Hub Launcher. Preview functionality will drive more attention and helps in promoting your application. Implement Preview funtionality here

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    Different extension libraries available for Developer are:
    1. Smart View SDK
    2. NaCl
    3. CAPH
    4. TOAST