Development Checklist

This topic describes the application features that must be implemented before a Samsung Smart TV application can be published.

Before registering your application to the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office, you must test the application to make sure the mandatory features are implemented and functional.

Mandatory Features

The following table lists the essential application features that are checked before the application can be published on Samsung Apps TV.

Table 1. Mandatory features
Category Feature Related Guides
Basics The application must function without errors, crashing, or freezing. TV Simulator
TV Emulator
TV Device
The "Return" key policy must be followed. Terminating Applications
Account Uninstalling the application must delete all application data from the TV, including user data, such as account information. -
Media playback Playback-related features must be functional. Multimedia
The screensaver must not appear during video playback. Setting Screensaver
Multitasking The application must implement multitasking. Multitasking
Network When the network is disconnected, a notification popup must be shown to the user to inform them of the network status. Checking Network Status
Performance The application must take at most 10 seconds to launch, from clicking the application icon to displaying its first page. Improving Application Launch Time
Privileges Privileges required for security-sensitive APIs must be declared in the "config.xml" file. Configuring TV Applications

Mandatory Test Cases

The following table lists checks that you must perform to ensure that your application satisfies the mandatory feature requirements.

Table 2. Test cases
Category Test Case
Basics Check that all menus and functions in the application are implemented as designed.
Check that the focus can move to all UI elements.
Check that the "Return" key functions as required by the "Return" key policy. At the exit confirmation popup, clicking "Return" must close the popup.
Stress test the application by pressing various keys repeatedly. Check that it does not cause errors, freezing, or unintended functionality.
Account Check that the user login and logout functions respond appropriately to both valid and invalid account information.
Check that device activation works correctly.
Uninstall and reinstall the application to check that all application data is deleted during the uninstall process.
Media playback Check that the basic playback controls (play, pause, stop, fast-forward, and rewind) are functional.
Check that a loading indicator or progress bar is shown while loading or buffering media.
Check that the screensaver is disabled while playing video or slideshows, and enabled at other times.
Check that the volume control keys are functional and there is sound output.
If your media content can include subtitles, check that the subtitles are synchronized with the media.
Multitasking While your application is running, launch another application using the Smart Hub, then resume your application. Check that the application state is correctly restored.
Check that multitasking functions as required for the special multitasking scenarios.
Network Check that a network disconnection notification popup appears when the network connection is lost.
Performance Check that the application is ready to use within 10 seconds of launching it. A 5-second launch time is ideal.