Development Checklist


Following this document describes essential functions of development side for releasing on Samsung Smart TV app.
Check the following specifications before registering your app to the Seller Office.


This criteria ensure that application’s essential functions work normally.

Index Category Description Reference Link
1 Basics App should be able to work all functions normally without crash, freeze, any other errors.
2 Basics When you press RETURN button,
- If current page is not at the first page, It should go back to previous page.
- If current page is at the first page, Exit pop-up should be appeared.
Exiting Application
3 Privilege Tizen provides API-level access control for security-sensitive operations. APIs must declare the required privileges in the config.xml. Pivilege
4 Performance App must not take more than 10 seconds to start. (From clicking app icon to displaying its first page) Performance Improvement
5 Multitasking Tizen platform supports multitasking.
if your application doesn't support multitasking, it can't be released.
6 Video Play-related functions should be able to work normally.
7 Video ScreenSaver should not appear during video playback.
You should apply the 'Turn On/Off ScreenSaver' to your application for releasing on products older than 2016 Smart TV
8 Account There should be no data from previous installed app after installing app once again. (ex : account information)
9 Network Whenever network is disconnected due to any reasons then an information should be shown to user informing about the loss of network connection like "Network error. Please try after some time. Network

Test References

You can identify various types of issues beforehand in your application through this test reference.

Index Category Description
1 Basics Execute all menus and functions realized in the app and check all works normally.
- Check the all menus and functions are implemented same as App Description.
- Check the focus can go to any movable place.
2 Basics When you Press RETURN button, it should go back to previous page.
- At the first page, it should be appeared exit pop up.
- When Pop up displays, if RETURN key works, should close the pop up.
3 Basics When you press any keys repeatedly on the app, check if the pages have any problem. It should work well. (stress test)
(ex : Broken UI, Can not access with a error message, app freeze.)
4 Performance After user clicks an app icon, First page should be loaded within 10 seconds completely.
Recommended performance is 5 seconds.
5 Multitasking Check Launching other application over your running application through SmartHub key.
And relaunch your application. You should check to store its last state.
6 Multitasking Check some exceptional situations to be handled when an application goes into hide state.
During play media contents in your app, move to background mode with Smart Hub key,
- And check resume previous status after re-launch the app.
- And check to inform you network status as you developed.
7 Video Press play-related functional Key and check it works normally. (Play, Pause, Stop, FF, RW)
8 Video Check whether a loading indicator or progress rate displays on loading or buffering.
9 Video The screen saver should not work on playing VOD.
- Screen saver should be turned off only during video playback time.
- Screen saver should work properly when video is not played.
10 Video Check the sound is controlled by pressing Volume button on playing.
11 Video (Precondition: Some contents include subtitle) Check if videos or audios synchronized with subtitles.
12 Account Check login / logout functions with valid account and invalid account.
13 Account Check if the device activation works normally.
14 Account Reinstall your application after deleting the application. There should be no data from previous installation. (ex : account information)
15 Network Whenever the network connection is lost, You can check a information of disconnecting the network to the user as you developed.

Frequent Defects

It is list of major defects on app certification. You can prevent potential issues in your application with reference to the following defects.

Index Category Description
1 Basics Partly Menus and functions is not working.
2 Basics When you press RETURN button, It doesn't go previous page.
3 Basics Latch-up and freeze occur during the app working.
4 Account Login / Logout functions are not working using test account.
5 Account Activation function is not working
6 Account Delete an App and reinstall. App data are available. (ex : account information)
7 Video Basic functions of Video is not working. (Play, Pause, Stop, FF, RW)
8 Video Loading indicator is not displayed on buffering or loading.
9 Video Screen saver is displayed during playing the video.
10 Video Volume can not controlled or Sound doesn't output.
11 Video Subtitle and audio sync is not matched.
12 Network When network is disconnected, there is no notification message to the user.