Creating a NaCl Project in Tizen Studio

Tutorial on creating a NaCl application in Tizen Studio. This tutorial focuses on preparing an environment and creating a project for an application.

Initial Setup


Tizen Studio can be downloaded from here.

Please make sure that you have the following dependencies installed before using the NaCl plugin:

  • Python 2.7 or newer 2.x. Please do not use Python 3. Make sure that the python executable is reachable from your PATH environmental variable.
  • NaCl SDK. NaCl plugin for Tizen Studio works both with Google’s and Samsung’s NaCl SDK. However, please note that some NaCl features specific to the Tizen OS (eg. a number of Pepper interfaces provided by Samsung) will be unavailable when using Google’s SDK. It is therefore highly recommended to use Samsung’s NaCl SDK, which can be obtained from NaCl SDK Download.

Cheat Sheets

This and the next steps are described in a set of NaCl relating cheat sheets available in the IDE. To browse these cheat sheets from "Help" menu select "Cheat Sheets..." and then navigate to the category "NaCl Application".

The main cheat sheet guiding through the whole process of creating and launching a simple application along with the code explanation is named "A guide to create and launch a NaCl application". Other cheat sheets may be found in corresponding subcategories.

Setting up the IDE

Before using any of the NaCl plugin features provided in the Tizen Studio, you have to set the path to the NaCl SDK in the "Preferences" menu.


In case you already have the NaCl SDK and a NACL_SDK_ROOT environmental variable that points to an existing pepper directory, you may skip this section. The NaCl plugin will automatically use a relevant path based on the NACL_SDK_ROOT variable.

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the Pepper toolchain, open the Preferences window by navigating to "Window" -> "Preferences" menu in the Tizen Studio.

In the "Preferences" window, select the NaCl category. There, in the "NaCl SDK root" field, navigate to the folder in which you have unpacked the Pepper toolchain.


Do not select the pepper folder itself.

Project Creation

Open "File" > "New" > "Project…".

Select "Tizen" > "Samsung TV" > "Tizen NaCl APP (C/C++)".

Fill in the "Project name" field, select a language for your application and choose one of the available Pepper toolchains. Then click "Next".

On the next screen, you can choose between an empty project and one of the example projects. The empty project contains a basic NaCl module that successfully compiles. However, it does not provide any functionality. Instead, this module has stubs for the most important functions that have to be manually implemented. The example project contains basic functionality relevant to the example’s topic.

On the next screen, you can select the position and size of your NaCl plugin on the webpage.