Exporting a NaCl Project to a Widget in Tizen Studio

Tutorial on exporting a NaCl project to a widget in Tizen Studio.

Building Package

It is possible to create a wgt package from a NaCl project in the same way as with a Tizen project. The project must be built beforehand and must contain the config.xml file.

In order to do this, right-click on the project and select "Build Package". The package will be created in the project's root folder and be named after the project.

Exporting to a Widget

In addition to building a package, a NaCl project can be exported into a Tizen widget. The only difference between this and the "Build Package" option is that during the export operation the widget file can be created in any directory and have any name. The project must have been built beforehand and must contain the config.xml file (it is created automatically).

In order to export a NaCl project, select "File" > "Export…".

In the new window select "Tizen" > "Tizen NaCl widget" and press "Next".

Choose a project to export and the target widget path, then click "Finish".

Successful export will be indicated by an informational popup window.