Installation of TV SDK

This document covers how to install Samsung TV SDK.


“Samsung TV SDK” is the set of tools to develop application for Samsung TV for Tizen platform.
It consist of followings:


  • SDK is supported on the followings.

    • Windows

    • Mac OS X

    • Linux

  • JDK
    SDK IDE requires Java Development Kit in version 1.8 or higher.

  • For using TV Emulator, Virtualization Technology(VT) should be supported by CPU.

    • Windows / MAC OS X
      Intel VTx should be supported by CPU.

    • Linux
      Intel VT-x or AMD-V™ should be supported by CPU.

  • CPU Specification

    - Specification
    Processor Dual Core 2.8 GHz
    Single Core 3 GHz or higher
    RAM 4 GB or higher
    OS Windows Windows
    64bit recommendation
    Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
    OS Linux Ubuntu 12.x
    OS Mac OS X Intel-based hardware
    OS versions 10.6 or higher
    Apple Mac OS X 10.10(Yosemite) 64-bit
    10.11(El Capitan) 64-bit, 10.12(Sierra) 64-bit
  • Screen resolution
    1280x1024px or higher

  • HDD
    6 GB or higher.
    (When the disk storage is full, the SDK may show some undesired behavior.)

  • Graphic Card Specification and Driver
    Latest vendor-provided version of the graphic card driver for OpenGL® ES acceleration:

    • Windows

      • Depending on your OS theme (such as non-Aero themes and Windows XP themes),
        display surface can be erased for a while if the Emulator window is obscured by another window.

      • If you click the Emulator window, the display surface works correctly again.

      • If the host machine is using the Nvidia Optimus™ technology,
        the TV Emulator works with the on-board graphics chipset, and not with the Nvidia® external graphics card.

      • To prevent this, you can either disable the Nvidia Optimus™ technology, or set the TV Emulator to run with the Nvidia® external graphics card.

    • Linux

      • NVIDIA®/ATI® driver for Ubuntu® 12.04/14.04
        To upgrade, go to System Settings > Additional Drivers.
        Download the latest driver from the vendor site, and install it.

      • INTEL® driver for Ubuntu® 12.04/14.04
        Requires an Intel® driver version 8.0.1 or higher.
        Ubuntu® 12.04 supports an Intel® driver higher than 8.0.1.


For installing SDK, the followings should be installed.


  • Samsung TV Extensions

  • Samusng Certificate Extension

Installation of Tizen Studio with IDE Installer

  • Download Tizen Studio with IDE installer on Tizen Studio Download and launch.

  • Click “Accept”.

  • Click “Finish”.

  • Finally, “Package Manager” will be shown.
    (If “Package Manager” is not shown, please launch {Install path}/package-manager/package-manager.exe)

    (For more detail please refer to Configuring the Package Manager)

  • For more detail, please refer to Installing Tizen Studio

Installation of Extensions

For installation extensions, there are two ways.

  • Using server
    It is general way.

  • Using local image
    If you have some firewall issues, you can install extensions by using local image.

Using Server

  • Click “Extension SDK”.

  • Click “install” of “TV Extensions-{Version}” and “Samsung Certificate Extension”.

  • Click “Accept”.

  • Finally, extensions is installed.

Using Local Image

  • Download Samsung TV Extensions on Download and Samsung Certificate Extension.

  • Click “Configuration”.

  • Click “Extension SDK”.

  • Click “+”.

  • Add “Name” and import “Repository” and click “OK”.

  • Click “OK”.

  • Click “install” of them.

  • Click “Accept”.

  • Finally, extensions are installed.

Updating SDK

  • Using Server
    Click “Updates available”.

  • Using Local Image
    It is same to installation of extensions by using local image.

  • For more detail, please refer to Updating Tizen Studio.

Uninstalling SDK

  • Launch on {Install path}/package-manager/uninstaller.exe.

  • Click “Uninstall”.

  • Click “Yes”.

  • Finally, click “Finish”.

  • For more detail, please refer to Uninstalling Tizen Studio.

Reference Videos

The following video is for better understanding.