Application Resolution

This document covers standard resolution, how to use viewport meta tag and etc.


The standard of application resolution is a little different in Samsung TV models.
Please refer to the following table.

Table 1. Standard Resolution
Product Standard Resolution (px) Ratio
Samsung UHD TV 1920x1080 16:9
Samsung FHD TV 1280x720 16:9

If you make application with 1920x1080 resolution, it fits exactly on Samsung UHD TV. And it also fits exactly on Samsung FHD TV. In case resolution is bigger than standard, it causes size automatically shrinks.


We recommend to make application with 1920x1080 for fitting exactly and high-quality graphics.

In other words, if you make smaller or bigger application than the standard, margin or scroll may appear at right or bottom side. Please refer to the following table.

Table 2. Application Resolution
Application Resolution (px) Right Side Bottom Side
1920 x 1080 (Fit exactly) (Fit exactly)
1920⬇️ x 1080⬇️ Margin Margin
1920⬆️ x 1080 (Shrink to fit exactly) Margin
1920 x 1080⬆️ (Fit exactly) Overflow (Vertical scroll)

As “Apps” policy, application should fit exactly. If not, your application cannot be released on “Apps”.

Therefore, you should keep the ratio, 16:9, even if you have to make application with other size. Only if so, application fits exactly without margin and scroll when application is scaled up or down. For scaling up and down application, please refer to the following.

Using viewport Meta Tag

You can use viewport meta tag for fitting exactly.

For example, in case application resolution is 1600x900, if you use viewport meta tag in head of “index.html” as follows, it fits exactly without margin and scroll. It is because screen size is recognized as the value of viewport width.

<meta name='viewport' content='width=1600, user-scalable=no'>

In this case, however, graphics quality may become poor. And viewport doesn’t guarantee layout correctness perfectly. Please check layout once more.

Getting Resolution Value

  • By using screen API, you can get resolution value of Samsung TV models.
    Because it is web standard, you can get more information on Screen API.

  • Or by using Tizen API, you can get resolution value of Samsung TV models.
    You can get more information on SystemInfo API.

    tizen.systeminfo.getPropertyValue('DISPLAY', function(result) {

The standard of application resolution depends on Samsung TV models, but multimedia size is always 1920x1080 which is made by AVPlay API.

Because it has independent coordinate system with HTML element. Even though you scale up or down application, multimedia is not scaled up or down. You should use same absolute coordinate for all Samsung TV.