Exiting Application

This document covers how to exit application.


For exiting application, there are two ways.

  • Clicking “Exit” key of remote controller

  • Calling Tizen API, tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().exit method

In above all situations, application is exited, JavaScript is paused, and the current state of application is not stored. If application is executed again, application will be start from beginning.

For hiding application, please refer to Multitasking.


Clicking Exit Key of Remote Controller

“Exit” key is long press of “Return/Exit” key of remote controller.

Figure 1. Remote Controller

Figure 1. Remote Controller


If user clicks “Exit” key, application is just terminated by force. So, you should not do anything such as registering “Exit” key.

Calling Exit Method

If you call the following method, application is terminated.
Please refer to the Application API.


You can call this method if “Yes” button is clicked on exit confirm popup.
For more detail, please refer to Return Key Policy

Return Key Policy

As “Apps” policy, there are some regulations for “Return” key.
Please refer to the followings.

  • If “Return” key is clicked on “Detail Page”, previous page should be displayed.

  • If “Return” key is clicked on “Home Page”, “Exit Confirm Popup” should be displayed.
    And then application is terminated, if “Yes” button is clicked on exit confirm popup.

Figure 2. Return Key Policy

Figure 2. Return Key Policy


You should make exit confirm popup with HTML element independently.