This document covers how to set and test prelaunching.


Samsung TV supports “Prelaunching” for applications. “Prelaunching” allows several applications to load beforehand in background when Samsung TV turns on.


When user runs application to be prelaunched, application launches immediately without loading time. Therefore, it minimizes loading time of application.


  • The number of applications prelaunched depends on TV model or runtime memory.
  • Default value for “Prelaunching” depends on the year of TV model.

    Table 1. Default value for "Prelaunching"
    Year Default Value
    2016 onwards True
    2015 False
  • Depending on the model of Samsung TV, “Prelaunching” can be supported or not.

    Table 2. Support Model
    Product Support Model
    Samsung TV 2016 onwards All of higher 7000 model
    Samsung TV 2015 All of higher 9000 model
    some of Under 9000 model
    Samsung TV SDK X

Prelaunching on 2016 TV Onwards

You don’t have to turn on “Prelaunching” because default value is true. The application should be on the front of “Launcher”.

The following steps are how to place the application on “Launcher”.

1. On “Launcher”, hover “APPS” icon and confirm application icon lists are shown on “Preview”

2. Navigating to “Preview” and focus the application icon

3. Clicking “Up” key and clicking “Add to Home”

Figure 1. Adding the application on "Launcher"

Figure 1. Adding the application on “Launcher”

4. Placing the application icon on the front of “Launcher”

After placing the application, click “Enter” button.

Figure 2. Placing the application on "Launcher"

Figure 2. Placing the application on “Launcher”

5. Turning off and on TV

After turning off and on TV again, test “Prelaunching”.

Prelaunching on 2015 TV

If you want to test prelaunch on 2015 TV, follow the below steps.

1. Adding meta data on “config.xml”

You should to add meta data on “config.xml” because default value is false.

 <tizen:metadata key='' value='true'></tizen:metadata>

2. Running the application and exit

Only few applications are prelaunched which are run recently. So the application must run once before testing.

3. Turning off and on TV

When TV is on again , you can see the last executed application in “Launcher” area.