4K UHD Video

This document shows you how to write 4K UHD video playing in your application. You can play 4K UHD video from locally path or from remote URL, all using AVPlay APIs.
We recommend readed "common > Using AVPlay" document prior to the beginning of this document.


Samsung smart tv supports playback 4K UHD video that is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines. This guide explains how to playing 4K UHD video which is based on common media playback guide.

Supported 4K UHD Codec

Not all the medias supported by TV can be played as 4K UHD resolution. Please check Spec & Features to check 4K UHD supported codecs.

Constraint of frame rate and bit rate of each codecs are different.

  • H.264 BP/MP/HP : 24 fps, 40mbps
  • HEVC (H.265) : 60fps, 80mbps
  • Motion JPEG : 30fps, 80mbps
  • VP9 : 24fps, 20mbps

Checking Supported 4K UHD

You can check whether smart TV device supports 4K UHD video or not using isUdPanelSupported() method in ProductInfo API.

if (webapis.productinfo.isUdPanelSupported()){
    console.log("4K UHD is supported");
    console.log("4K UHD is not supported");

Playing 4K UHD Video

4K UHD video playback has the sequence of calling AVPlay API is not different with common media. But you should call setStreamingProperty method with “SET_MODE_4K” property before calling prepare() method because setStreamingProperty() has valid states which is IDLE. The following table shows detailed specifications of the “SET_MODE_4K” property of setStreamingProperty method.

Table 1. Specifications of "SET_MODE_4K"
Property Type Parameter Value and meaning
“SET_MODE_4K” “TRUE” Setting 4K UHD mode
“FALSE” Setting normal content mode which is defalut value.
// setStreamingProperty should be called before prepare
webapis.avplay.setStreamingProperty("SET_MODE_4K", "TRUE"); 
// prepare should be called after setStreamingProperty