Mouse (Pointer)

This document covers how to handle click of mouse and pointer.


If user connects mouse with Samsung TV, user can use mouse on application. And 2015 Samsung Smart Control supports pointing operation, it is same as mouse.

  • Mouse

  • Pointer (2015 Samsung Smart Control)
    Please note that only 2015 Samsung Smart Control supports pointing operation. 2016 Samsung Smart Control onwards have no pointer operation.

Figure 1. Mouse and Pointer

Figure 1. Mouse and Pointer

Handling click Event

To receive event when clicking mouse, please add click event on element.
Because it is web standard, you can get more information on click

<div id='button' ... onclick='handleKeyClick();'> ... </div>


document.getElementById('button').addEventListener('click', handleKeyClick);

Every time clicking the element, handleKeyClick callback function is fired. Please refer to the following.

function handleKeyClick () {
	// Something you want to do

  • Other mouse operations such as mouseover, hover, and etc. are also supported.

  • If you want to not support mouse, you should add the following tag. Default value is “enable”.

    <tizen:setting pointing-device-support='disable' ></tizen:setting>