This document covers overall information for input device.


TV application should support to interact remotly with user because it is too far from user to TV in comparison with mobile.
For example,

  • If user clicks one key of remote controller, application receives keyCode of the key and application should take action properly.

  • If user clicks one element on application with mouse, application receives keydown event of the element and application should take action properly.

Samsung TV support several input devices and these are a little bit different. This document covers how to interact with user by input devices. Please refer to the following.


Samsung TV doesn’t support tizenhwkey(back or menu key) unlike mobile. tizenhwkey is supported only on mobile and wearable.
Please refer to Hardware Key Events.

Input Devices

There are input devices to be supported by Samsung TV for user interaction.

  • Remote controller
    This is tranditional and general input device.
    Please refer to Remote Controller.
  • Mouse (Pointer)
    It means mouse connected with Samsung TV (cable or wireless) and 2015 Samsung Smart Control. Only 2015 Samsung Smart Control supports pointing operation.
    Please refer to Mouse (Pointer).
  • Keyboard / IME
    It means keyboard connected with Samsung TV (cable or wireless) and virtual keyboard (IME).
    Please refer to Keyboard / IME.
  • Gamepad
    It is gamepad with HTML5 Gamepad API.
    Please refer to Gamepad.