Sample Description GitHub URL
Alarm Alarm API allows you to schedule launching of application. You can test Alarm API with this sample application. Open
LaunchApp This sample shows how to launch another application from you application. You can give data when you launch another application. Open
Archive Archive API allows you to archive or extract files. You can zip/unzip file with this API. Open
Content Content API discover content such as images, videos, music or others. Open
DeviceInformation This sample shows how to retrieve various information related to device. You can learn how to get model code, resolution, TV caption information and various system information. Open
Download This article describes how to use Download APIs on Tizen Smart TV. Download APIs are used to create applications for downloading file on Tizen TV. Open
Filesystem You can browse files and directories in emulator and TV by this sample app. By looking at source code, you can learn how to handle filesystem in Tizen. Open
IME This sample shows how IME (On Screen Keyboard) works for text input. Open
MessagePort MessagePort API enables application to send message data to another application. Applications can communicate through MessagePort API. This sample shows how to use MessagePort API. Open
Network This article describes how to use network APIs with Tizen Smart TV. Open
RegisterKey Remote controller’s keys should be registered before you use except 4 direction keys and OK, return keys. Open
TVChannel You can control TV Channel in application with API. Open
TVWindow TV Window API enables application show PIP TV Open
USBStorage Brief idea about how to access the USB external storage on Tizen TV. Open
WebStorage This article describes how to use Web Storage APIs on Tizen Smart TV. Open
Preview Preview helps to promote most interesting content of the application. This catch-up content helps to drive more attention to the application. Open
Animation This sample shows the performance of flip animation on TV. You can control with the mouse and arrow keys on keyboard.
(default : keyboard)