Samsung Checkout

Samsung Checkout offers the most optimized purchase experience on Smart TV where consumers can register payment methods fast and safe (just once!) and makes frictionless payments repetitively within a (typically very restrictive and unfriendly) TV environment. Also Samsung Checkout provides a comprehensive global monetization platform empowering developers and CPs to integrate various business models and promotional campaigns into their services.


  • TV: Full Smart TVs ranging 2014~2016 (excluding Evolution Kit)
  • Country: 58 and counting
  • Supported Payment Methods: credit/debit cards, PayPal, carrier billing (Korea)
  • Applicable Service: games, apps, Samsung native services
  • Security: Tizen SecureIME, 2nd screen card registration (mobile/PC)
  • Account: Samsung Account (shares account & payment info with Galaxy phones)

? Samsung Account is a mandatory requirement to integrate with Samsung Checkout
? Samsung Checkout assumes that users are logged into Samsung Account at all times

Supported Business Models

  • In-App Purchase
  • Paid App
  • Subscription
  • Mix and Match Available (i.e. offering in-app purchase within paid app)

Supported Promotion Methods

  • Coupon / voucher issuance and redemption (available for all product types)
  • Free trials for subscription product

TV-Optimized Purchase Experience

  • Fast and simple 2-step checkout once a payment method is registered
  • Number-centric information entry suitable for TV remote controllers
  • Consumers can register credit/debit cards directly on TV or via mobile phone

Frictionless 2-Step Checkout : 1. Confirm  -> 2. PIN Check  -> 3. Done

Frictionless 2-Step Checkout : 1. Confirm -> 2. PIN Check -> 3. Done

Industry Standard Seller

  • Easy registration and management of paid items and their sales information
  • Developer-friendly integration through REST API and Client API
  • Samsung handles everything from accepting payments, settlements, and payouts for sellers so that they can concentrate on creating high quality contents
    Item Management

    Item Management

Sales Report

Sales Report