What's New

This page includes the recent updates in 1:1 Q&A section

The “Service Failure” category has been added

The “Ask a question” section now includes a “Service Failure” category, which partners can use to notify Samsung of critical application issues.


  • App freeze / lock up
  • Infinite loading
  • Black screen
  • Launch failure
  • App cannot play video(s)
  • Screensaver during videos
  • Legal issue

“Waiting firmware update” status has been added

This status will only be applied when it is determined that a firmware update is required to resolve the issue or request. This status will also include an “expected date” of resolution. (Once it is determined that a firmware update is needed, it may take anywhere from 1 to 2 months for the firmware update to be applied to customers’ TVs.)

Once the issue is confirmed fixed, a Samsung member will notify the account owner via email.

“Notice from Admin” status has been added

This is a general status meaning that a request is assigned back to the account owner and needs their attention. In this stage, the Samsung team is waiting for the account owner to respond to the request.

Also related to this status, the system now supports communicating between the account owner and the Samsung team. Instead of using email, it’s possible to issue comments or questions without leaving the system.