Defect Resolution

This page will discuss the defects resolution section of App management.


How to resolve defects?

The app defect list is provided in “Applications” > “Defect Resolution”. View the list of defects and manage them by model group in one screen.
After review the defects, you can choose the “Defect cause” and “Solution type”.
You have make the status of all defects “Resolved” in order to version up. If you don’t want to fix some defects, choose “No need to fix” or “Won’t fix” and make the status of the defects as “Rresolved”.

  • Defect cause: App defect, Can not reproduce, Nat a defect, Samsung platform defect
  • Solution type: Fixed, No need to fix, Support by Samsung, Won’t fix

I do not want to fix some minor defects

If you think some defects are not critical and will not hamper the functionality of the app, you click on the defect; resolve it by choosing “No need to fix” or “Won’t fix” and reqeust “Quick Release”.