Basic Information

This page includes the "Basic Information" part while registering the app


How do I manage multiple languages to display in the store?

You may set one language as the default language, and add additional languages in step 1 “Basic Information”. If a device is set to use one of the languages you have set for your app, your product information (app title and description) will be displayed in that language.

What is the “App ID”? Why is it necessary?

Application ID (“App ID”) is a unique ID to verify your application. It is issued at the Seller Office when you register product information for your application. Please click on the “New App” button on the “Applications” > “App Management” menu and register product information to get your App ID.

What are “Seller Name” and “Support Email”?

Seller Name: The Seller Name to be displayed in stores for buyers.
Support Email: An email address to be displayed in stores so that buyers can contact you directly for issues about your application.
Please note that displaying seller information is required by law in the EU and Korea. This information is entered every time you register an app, and it may differ for each app.

I want to use the name of app that is already registered with another account.

If you are a member of a group that owns an app, you can use duplicated app titles when you enter it on the website. However, the app title cannot be used by another group or seller.

I want to change the app title displayed on the TV.

To change the app title displayed on the TV, please change the app title under the “Language” section in the “Basic Information”. The app title shown in Samsung Apps TV Seller Office differs according to the language supported on the actual TV, and is managed for each language supported by the CP.
Therefore, the title displayed on the TV and title used to acquire an App ID during registration are managed separately.


In case of Tizen app, even though the app title for default language is changed, if you not change the app title in app source, app title on the TV will not be changed. So, please submit version-up app together after changing app title in app source. Also, app title for default language must be same with app title in app source. Otherwise during version-up, pre-test result will fail.

What are the specifications for app icons and screenshots?

About the detailed icon specification, refer to click here.
The icon file size should be under 300KB.

Screenshots must be rectangular, with an image size of 1920x1080, and a file size under 500KB. You must register a total of 4 screenshots. If your app supports In-App Purchases, pricing information must be included. All image files must be in JPG format or PNG format with a transparent background.

What is “TV Language” under the Language settings?

This is the section where you register the App Title and App Description displayed in the App Details page on the actual TV along with screenshots. This information helps consumers understand the app better.

What is the “App Language”?

This is the language used in the app and is required during the App Certification process.
If there are apps that provide multiple languages, testers are assigned based on the languages selected in this section.
You can select the supported languages in the Language section when entering the Basic Information. Your app may be rejected during the certification process if the information provided is not accurate.

Why do I have to select a category?

Samsung Smart TV provides services in a total of 6 categories. Each category has its own menu on the TV. Consumers can select their desired category and download apps. Please select an appropriate category for your app.

Category Description
Video - VOD, Movies, Dramas, TV Series, Culture, Documentaries, Music Videos, Animations, and User Created Content
Game - Action/Arcade, Puzzles, Board Games, Shooting, Sports, Card Games, etc.
- Games specifically for educational purposes should be placed in other category.
Sports - Sports broadcasting
- Sports, Health, & Fitness: Informational, Lessons, Instructional Videos, Workout Routines, Healthcare, Medical Care, Beauty, Meditation
- Does not include sports games.
- These must be included in the “Game” category
Lifestyle - Leisure & Hobby: Music, Social Networking, Gallery, Cooking, Travel, Shopping, Pets, Fashion & Entertainment Magazines etc.
- “How to” content
- Utilities: Diary, Calendars, and Home Improvements
- Social Work, Spiritual, and Religious content
Information - Content that is beneficial in daily life.
- News
- Broadcast News, News Magazines, Journals, News Papers, etc.
- Commerce, Weather, Traffic, Financial, Encyclopedias, and Regional Information
Education - Any kind of educational content (includes ALL ages)
- Animation (ages 12 and under)
- Children’s Books, Educational VOD, Educational Games, etc.

What are age ratings based on? What should I be aware of?

If the content is inappropriate to a selected age, your application may not be serviced on the TV. If there are any problems after launching the app, the service may be stopped. Apps must not contain any violent or pornographic content or abusive language.

For more information, click here.


  • Applications rated 18+ may not be serviced in Korea, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates.
  • In Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates your application might not be serviced due to local culture.
  • If you want your application to be served in Brazil, a rating certification must be uploaded.

Only US is displayed in the Country list.

According to Samsung Apps TV Seller Office policies, only partner groups that have contracted offline with Samsung may service apps in countries other than the United States.
If you’ve already signed an offline contract, but are not yet a partner in the Seller Office, please submit a request by clicking the Request Partnership button on the main page. The Contents Manager in charge will review your request, and you will be able to use the services in a partner group.

I want to change the country which my app is serviced in.

According to Seller Office policies, only partner groups may provide services in countries other than the United States.

  • If you are in a partner group and wish to change/add serviced countries, please consult your Contents Manager first before making any changes. If you cannot reach your Contents Manager, please submit a detailed request at “1:1 Q&A”.
  • If you are a public seller, please sign an offline contract with your Samsung Contents Manager first. If you wish to sign an offline contract, please submit your request in the “1:1 Q&A” menu with details, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Is it necessary to upload an age rating certificate?

It is not mandatory. However, you may be restricted from servicing Brazil and Korea without a rating certificate.

I wish to launch a game app in Brazil.

You can service a game app in Brazil by uploading one of the certificates.

Basic Information Instruction

  1. When registering new application, only Tizen app can registered. Tizen app can submit only for 15TV model groups or more.
    but when versioning up the app, you will need to choose the proper platform type. If you select ‘Samsung Smart TV SDK’, you can submit the app for 14TV model groups or less.

  2. The first registration step is generating the App ID. This is a unique application identifier throughout the whole certification process.
    In order to generate the App ID, type the application name and check for its availability. The app cannot have the same name as another application registered by a different Seller. If some name is used by your application, you can register a new App ID under this name.
    App ID in Seller Office should not be confused with Tizen ID in application package. More information on this topic is available in chapter ‘Tizen ID’.

  1. The Basic Information step is to provide general information and metadata which will be displayed in Samsung Apps store.
    Information required at this point includes:

    • Seller Information
      such as company name, homepage, address, contact email, etc. These fields will be automatically populated with the data of your group account. At this step you can modify them individually for each app.
    • Icon Image and Screenshots
      After uploading the image files, drag and drop to set them in proper order, or use the delete/edit icons to update the images.
    • Languages Supported
      Supported languages in the application.
    • App Title and Description
      In any languages of your choice. Samsung Apps store will display the proper language version depending on the TV menu language make sure to provide the same information in your Tizen widget configuration.
    • Category
      One of the following: Videos, Game, Sports, Lifestyle, Information, Education.
    • Rating
      Age rating of the content. In some of the countries additional rating certificate may be necessary.
    • Country
      Countries specified in your contract with Samsung. If you are not a Samsung Partner, only US is available.

    In case of Tizen app, App title for default language must be same with app title in app source. Otherwise during version-up, pre-test result will fail.

  1. When you complete all of the fields, proceed to the next step using the Next button.