This page describes the registration process for TV App


Before registering of application at the Seller Office, the following materials should be prepared.

  • Icon files
  • Screenshot files
  • Application description file
  • Source files

Registration Steps

There are 5 steps to submit an application: Basic Information, Test Information, Pre-test, Preview and Submit. Please prepare the information needed for each step in advance and submit your app. You can check the status of your app in the Samsung TV Apps when the app passes QA.

  • Basic Information
    Enter the general information and upload application’s metadata such as icons and screenshot images. Some information among these will be displayed in Samsung TV Apps.

If you want to update an existing application, you can pass **Basic Information**.

When you complete all of these steps, the app is sent to Samsung engineers for verification.

  • Test Information
    Enter verification request details. These include target Tizen TV platforms, description documents, login credentials and additional information useful for the testers. The registration form contains guide icon next to each item for additional help.

  • Pre-Test
    Upload application package file and check if it complies with Samsung policy. The system scans the source code with an automatic tool and notifies about any warnings or errors.

  • Preview
    A summary of all submitted information is displayed on the page. Review all of the form fields and correct where necessary.

  • Submit
    Confirm the request details and decide to release agreement.