This page includes the "Pre-Test" feature of the App submission.


You can perform a pre-test before the actual certification step using a tool provided by Samsung. Samsung supports sellers in detecting critical defects before submitting the app through the pre-test.

Refer to the test results displayed at the bottom of the page after uploading the app file in this step.

The items tested in the Pre-test step are shown in the table below. By uploading the app in the Pre-test step, sellers can immediately find out if their app passed or failed. The errors are shown according to the checklist.

Pre-Test Process

  • Upload Application Package
    This step is to submit and verify your application package. An automatic tool will scan your source code in search for the most common defects and present a detailed report.
  • Critical Issues Detection
    If the Pre-test tool finds any Critical issues found in your app, you will not be able to proceed. In such case, review and fix all problems and resubmit the source code.

  • App Version and Tizen ID Verification
    App source pre-testing tool verifies app version and Tizen ID. Any updates of your Tizen application should have the same Tizen ID set in package configuration file. If you use a different Tizen ID with the same App ID, your application will fail the Pre-test.

  • Application Submission
    You can submit your existing application for Tizen using the same App ID. However, you will need to modify the app version number, as Tizen platform has a different numbering rule (based on the schema
    If the last version number of your application is already higher than 255, you cannot update it for Tizen and you will need to register it again with new App ID.

  • Restricted Submission
    After you launch a Tizen app on some model group, you cannot submit standard Samsung SmartTV App for this model group anymore.

  • Partner Level Privlege
    The partner level’s Privilege API is only able to be used by partner of Samsung TV app store. It is mandatory to get authorization as a policy. In order to get authorization to use Privilege API, please contact to Samsung content manager. If the permission is not present to an application using privilege API, it is unable to pass Pre-test on the Seller Office.

  • App Title
    App title must be same with app title for default language under ‘Language’ section in the ‘Basic information’. Otherwise, pre-test result will fail.

Pre-Test Checklist

The following cases are treated as Failure on Pre-Test process before app packaging is submitted.

Criteria Check Item
*.wgt - If the file name is longer than 100byte.
- If the file name contain special characters except “_” in the file name.
- If using unsupported file format.
- If the file cannot be unzipped.
- If config.xml or manifest.xml file does not exist.
- If there is no information of App Version, Tizen ID, API Version and features.
- If App Version Format (255.255.65535) is wrong.
- If the number of version is lower or equal to the previous launched version.
- If another App has the same Tizen ID.
- If Tizen ID is different from the previous version.
- If API Version format(x,y) is invalid.
- If App Title is not same with app title for default language in metadata.
- If the Screen Size is not specified.
- If using Hosted-Web App tag without authorization.
- If using privilege tag without authorization.
- If using disallowed API tag.
- If there is no endpoint URL information about value of the Accelerator.
- If app’s required version is less than 2.4 when submitting on 15TV model groups.
- If using ticker tag except specific apps.
author-signature.xml - If author-signature.xml file does not exist.
- If author information is different from the previous version, etc.
- If auth Modulus value is different.
- If auth exponent value is different.
signature1.xml - If signature1.xml file does not exist.