Registration Complete

This page will discuss the "Registration Complete" section of App submission.


What are the available app release types?

After passing the App Certification step, apps are released to actual devices in one of two ways.
The first way is automatic release after certification. The second is manual release on a date designated by the seller. The latter is often used for promotions.

Can I release the app on a specific date?

In the last step of the app registration process, there is an option for selecting the app release type. Check "I want to schedule the release after checking verification results."
After the app is verified, an email for selecting the release date will be sent to your Seller Office email account. Select the desired date in the email, and your app will be serviced on the selected date.

What is the “Quick Release”?

Quick Release is to give consent for release the app regardless of minor defects found by testers during certification. You can consent to the release agreement in Quick Release in the last step of the app submission.

What is the next step after completing registration?

If the app registration step is completed, then app certification has begun. Please wait while the app is certified by an App Management Engineer.
Once certification is completed, the results will be automatically sent to the seller’s email account. If there are no defects, it will be released. If defects are found, please correct the app source file and update the version.

Registration Complete Instructions

  1. The Preview page will display a summary of all submitted information. Review all of the form fields and correct where necessary. When you are ready, click the Next button.

  1. On the Complete page there are the final two questions. First one is about Release Agreement. If this option is selected, the app will be released automatically without your feedback unless it has some Critical defects.
  2. In answer to the second question, decide whether the app source code should be available for all members of your group. If you choose No, only you will have access to submitted app package.

  1. After your app is sent for verification, you can check the current status and progress in Seller Office > Applications > Management page