Smart View Enabled App Registration

Work flow for Smart View Enabled apps

There are 3 types of Smart View enabled app registration processes.

  • Installed TV App
    Enable content on a mobile app to play directly from your mobile apps to Samsung TVs already in the home

  • Cloud TV App
    Playback of content from partner hosted cloud app at whitelisted URL via TVs Cloud Launcher

  • Default Media Player (DMP)
    Play back content (videos, music and photos) using built-in player on Smart TV

Registration of Smart View Enabled App

How to register Smart View Enabled app in TV Seller office.

Installed TV App Registration Process

Registration of New Installed TV App

Select “Smart View enabled app” under “App Features” when filling out Test Information.

  • Register TV App first, and then register Mobile app

  • Select “Register Later” to register Mobile app later, but it will not be submitted into test

    Select “Register Now” to register a mobile app.

  • Submit App source and information related with mobile app

  • App source can be replaced with Web site URL and replaced with others description when submitting iOS app

Registration by Updating Existing TV App

Select an app to update as a Smart View enabled app at “App Management”.

  • Select a check box for Smart View Enabled app on the Test information page.
  • The process is the same as the process for New Installed TV app registration.

Updating Version of Installed TV App

Select an update versioning option: 1) both TV app and Mobile app, or 2) only mobile app

  • Select App information tab update version of both mobile app and installed TV App

Cloud TV App Registration Process

Registration of Cloud TV App / DMP

Request testing of mobile cast supported app.

  • Need to request partnership to provide Cloud TV App (Request Partnership)
  • Select submit after inserting mobile app information to request test
  • Cloud URL submitted into Seller office will be enabled once verification is passed

Update Version of Cloud TV App

Request testing of updated app version.

  • Select update version to modify app info and submit new version to request testing on App information page

Defect Resolution of Smart View Enabled App

Find defects resulting from testing under “Defect Resolution” menu.

  • Check defects by model group
  • Select and resolve defect to request retest