Updated pre-test check list

This page contains Checklist for 2016 model apps.

Updated Checklist

For 2016 model groups, following are the updated check list items in Pre-Test.

  1. If ‘required_version’ in config.xml is 2.4, application can run in 2016 model only. If ‘required_version’ is 2.3, it can run in both 2016 and 2015 model.
  2. Ticker is not available on Tizen Platform. Application shouldn’t have ticker tag on config.xml file.

So, after determining config.xml or manifest.xml file, the following cases treated as Fail in Pre- test.

  1. If app’s required version is less than 2.4 when submitting on 2015 TV model groups.
    “In case of required version 2.4, your app cannot install in 2015 model groups. Please resubmit your app after selecting only 2016 model groups.”
  2. If using ticker tag except specific apps.
    “Tizen TV platform does not support Ticker type of application. Please check that applications are using Ticker tag in config.xml.”

Existed Checklist

The following cases treated as Fail in Pre- test proceed before app packaging is submitted.

After determining .wgt file.
• If the file name is longer than 100byte.
• If the file name contain special characters except “_” in the file name.
• If using unsupported file format.
• If the file cannot be unzipped.

After determining config.xml or manifest.xml file.
• If config.xml or manifest.xml file does not exist.
• If there is no information of App Version, Tizen ID, API Version and features.
• If App Version Format (255.255.65535) is wrong.
• If the number of version is lower or equal to the previous launched version.
• If another App has the same Tizen ID.
• If Tizen ID is different from the previous version.
• If API Version format(x,y) is invalid.
• If App Title is not same with app title for default language in metadata.
• If the Screen Size is not specified.
• If using Hosted-Web App tag without authorization.
• If using privilege tag without authorization.
• If using disallowed API tag.
• If there is no endpoint URL information about value of the Accelerator.

After determining author-signature.xml file.
• If author-signature.xml file does not exist.
• If author information is different from the previous version, etc.
• If auth Modulus value is different.
• If auth exponent value is different.

After determining signature1.xml
• If signature1.xml file does not exist.