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Optimize Your Application for Samsung GALAXY Note II
Blog Oct 22, 2012

1. Introducing the Samsung GALAXY Note II

Samsung introduces the GALAXY Note II, bringing a whole new level of innovation for the GALAXY Note series. The Samsung GALAXY Note II provides a uniquely personalized and expressive content design experience, making it the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity.

You can find the GALAXY Note II device technical specifications at the official microsite.

2. Optimization for Larger Screen

Utilizing the 5.5-inch display with HD resolution, developers can deliver an extraordinary experience featuring a higher level of detail than previously available. Developing an app for a larger screen size requires a different approach to app design, to ensure the layout of the screen remains optimized.

3. S Pen and S Pen SDK

The GALAXY Note II also includes the S Pen, the advanced pen-input device. The S Pen can be used for accurate drawing, superior handwriting recognition and as a general use, but highly precise, input method.

SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS is pleased to offer the S Pen SDK, which provides various components for you to use when developing feature rich applications for the Galaxy Note II. The SDK provides a drawing engine which supports various drawing and writing components, interesting effects, signature recognition and other pen driven features.

You can download the latest version of the S Pen SDK here - http://developer.samsung.com/s-pen-sdk

4. S Pen Features & Key Benefits

S Pen SDK 2.2
main Features
Key Benefit
Easy Tasking In One View Hover the S Pen over a folder or video timeline to preview it, with the GALAXY Note II’s Air View feature. The Hovering API enables Air View, providing the user with information at a glance while the S Pen hovers over the screen. Previewing a folder, daily schedule, or video’s content, without actually touching the screen or digging into a menu system.
The Popup Note lets a user open an S Note instantly as a pop-up window anywhere on the screen. The Pen event API allows manipulation of basic functionality of the S pen, allowing users to customize their experience. S Note can be launched while using multiple apps (requiring no additional programming).
True multitasking Stack multiple apps on the screen like multiple windows. Using the Multi-window API, multiple apps can be loaded on multiple windows, providing more flexibility for the end user Enables true PC-like multi-tasking wherever you need it.

5. Sample Applications in the S Pen SDK

The SDK includes 20 sample apps for you to use in your own applications, so you can quickly understand how to make the most of each available method.

[Check the 20 Samples in S Pen SDK]

6. Featured App Created with the S Pen SDK – PhotoDesk

Photo Desk, a featured app for GALAXY Note series, is a folder-based photo management and editing application. It can help users to organize their albums within folders, while providing an enhanced user experience compared to the default Gallery app. It uses the S Pen SDK to provide enhanced features that maximize the advantages of the S Pen. Photo Desk can be downloaded for free in the Best S Pen Applications category on the Samsung Apps website.

The full source code of PhotoDesk will be provided at the SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS site, along with its accompanying technical documentation. (December, 2012)

[Read the full story of PhotoDesk]

7. Partner Success Stories- AutoDesk, On5, TechSmith Co.

Autodesk Inc. (the developer of SketchBook Mobile)

Autodesk® SketchBook® Mobile is professional-grade paint and drawing application, offering a full set of sketching tools and a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in professional and personal 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Autodesk tools help unlock the creativity in everyone, from children and hobbyists to design and engineering professionals.

On5 (the developer of Draw Mania)

On5 is a mobile game development company based in Lithuania. We specialize on social multiplayer games, and Draw Mania (previously known as “Charadium”) is one of our oldest and most important projects.

TechSmith Corporation (the developer of Coach’s Eye)

TechSmith Corporation provides industry leading practical business and academic software tools and services. TechSmith's solutions enable users to capture/record and enhance digital content so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and allow others to observe, analyze and learn from their experiences. Coach’s Eye is a mobile application designed to simplify and streamline the video analysis process of any sport or activity.

8. Samsung Apps for Business

Apps optimized for the GALAXY Note II, can be distributed through Samsung Apps, the market place that connects developers and buyers in more than 120 countries. Samsung Apps facilitates various business models, including In-App Payment and In-App Advertising so you can maximize your app revenue. In addition, to prevent the illegal copy of your application, SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS provides the Samsung Application License Management Library.

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