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[S Pen Success Story] On5, the developer of Draw Mania
Blog Oct 25, 2012
On5 is a mobile game development company based in Lithuania. We specialize on social multiplayer games, and Draw Mania (previously known as “Charadium”) is one of our oldest and most important projects.

Q. Introduce the application and main characteristics of it. 

On5: Draw Mania is a drawing and guessing game: one person is given a word to depict, and others have to guess what that word was based on the drawing. You can play in real time competition, trying to be the first to guess the word; it’s total massively multiplayer fun with lots of funny moments. Or, you can play in asynchronous mode where you are not limited in time, and can play with friends without the need to be online at the same time.

Q: What was the motive behind the development of this application for GALAXY Note II? / Are there any special reasons why you chose the GALAXY Note II?

On5: Generally, the main motive is a stylus. This small thing makes everyone’s drawings much better than what they can achieve with just a finger. Samsung’s S Pen supports pressure sensitivity, and that allows the user to have even better control over the drawing tools. In addition to exceptional performance and the gorgeous screen, this makes a big difference in Draw Mania experience.

Q: How did you develop the S Pen functionality for your app? / What would be the best feature of S Pen that is useful for application developers (i.e. event recognition, Hovering, brush texture, etc)

On5: With S Pen we can precisely track the pen position and pressure. With the highly accurate data we get through the S Pen SDK we make the strokes smoother and much more realistic. We can also tell if the user is touching the screen with a finger or the pen to adjust the line width appropriately.

Q: Share your special know-how/development tips on how to code for S Pen functions with S Pen SDK

On5: We are using the Canvas view to capture the touch events and pass to the game core. This way we can use the features of the S Pen SDK even though most of the game is written in C++.

Q: What do you think is the greatest point of distinction between SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II and other devices?

On5: Thanks to the S Pen, SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II provides the best drawing experience you can get on a smartphone today.

You can also find more information on the S Pen SDK at http://developer.samsung.com/s-pen-sdk
And you can also find the comprehensive guide for applicaion development for GALAXY Note II
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