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[S Pen Success Story] TechSmith Corporation, the developer of Coach's Eye
Blog Oct 26, 2012
 TechSmith Corporation provides industry leading practical business and academic software tools and services. TechSmith's solutions enable users to capture, record and enhance digital content so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and allow others to observe, analyze and learn from their experiences. Coach’s Eye is a mobile app designed to simplify and streamline the video analysis process of any sport or activity.  

Q. Introduce the application and main characteristics of it. 

TechSmith Co.: Coach’s Eye puts the power of slow-motion video review in the palm of your hand. Easily record video, review it in slow motion, add drawings and audio commentary, and then share the video out to others from a single device. Coach’s Eye has eliminated the need for traditional hardware used to conduct video analysis by taking advantage of what mobile devices provide.

Q: What was the motive behind the development of this application for GALAXY Note II? / Are there any special reasons why you chose the GALAXY Note II?
TechSmith Co.: The Note II is an ideal device for Coach’s Eye.  We have seen customers who love the convenience of having the app be in their pocket (on their phone), but really want to use the features of the app on a bigger screen (tablet).  The Note II is the perfect blend of convenience and display.  This blend and the possibilities of the S-Pen make it a great device for Coach’s Eye.

Q: How did you develop the S Pen functionality for your app? / What would be the best feature of S Pen that is useful for application developers (i.e. event recognition, Hovering, brush texture, etc)

TechSmith Co.: The ability to draw on videos in Coach’s Eye using the S Pen is a great feature.  The most recent S Pen SDK opens up the possibilities for the the consumer to control pen stroke width, along with hovering capabilities for video preview and in-context help.  These are features that would be valuable to our customers.

Q: Share your special know-how/development tips on how to code for S Pen functions with S Pen SDK

TechSmith Co.: We are currently working with the S Pen SDK to determine best practices for Coach’s Eye and the broader TechSmith team. 

Q: What do you think is the greatest point of distinction between SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II and other devices?
TechSmith Co.: We think it is clear that there is value for devices in a variety of sizes.  The Galaxy Note II has a great blend of both a convenient and usable size. For Coach’s Eye customers, it is a device that can easily be brought to a field or court for on-the-spot analysis.

You can also find more information on the S Pen SDK at http://developer.samsung.com/s-pen-sdk
And you can also find the comprehensive guide for applicaion development for GALAXY Note II
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