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Blog Jun 25, 2012
Samsung Developers held the Seoul based developer day of 2012 on Monday the 25th of June. With hundreds of dedicated developers in attendance, under the theme of “Learn, Share, Network”, the event was aimed at promoting the increasingly diverse range of open platform technologies and services offered by Samsung.

Samsung highlighted the outstanding GALAXY S III and the newly released AllShare Framework, which allows a developer to use AllShare’s dynamic feature set. AllShare is Samsung’s vision of the ultimate convergence experience, which enables consumers to access their content anywhere, anytime, on any device.


The AllShare Framework is a collection of convergence technologies, including 4 share types; Media Share, Screen Share, Control Share and Data Share. Developers can utilize the Framework’s Open API’s to realize various convergence scenarios by developing AllShare-enabled apps for smart devices.

There was a session on the development tip for the latest version of Android platform, Android 4.0(IceCream Sandwich). Focusing on the difference between former version(2.3, GingerBread) and IceCream Sandwich, developers could learn how to optimize an app to IceCream Sandwich with Multi-core AP and effective memory management.


In addition to the AllShare Framework, Samsung looked at the special features of the S Pen SDK 2.1 for the GALAXY Note. The recently upgraded S Pen SDK 2.1 enables developers to build apps that take advantage of the innovative stylus input solution featured in the GALAXY Note. During the session, we learnt that version 2.1 of the SDK provides a variety of enhanced event recognition features and improved configuration functions to make S Pen apps more precise and offer an improved level of control.

This year, a developer event would be incomplete if it didn’t look at Samsung’s game changing app, ChatOn. Developers can now access the global mobile communications API’s of ChatON to connect with millions of ChatON buddies around the world in your upcoming apps and services. To gain access to the beta ChatOn API’s, developers are required to fill a simple form at  SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS website.


The last session of the day, looked at SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS, the developer program of Samsung and Samsung Apps, the application marketplace which currently covers 120+ countries around the world. With Samsung Apps, developers can monetize their apps with features such as Samsung AdHub and In-App Purchasing. There was also a discussion of how developers can get support from SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS and utilize Samsung Apps marketing channels to increase awareness of their applications.


In high demand was the “Office Hour” feature track, the on-site mentoring program provided by Samsung Platform Evangelists. Developers making an appointment in advance could book 1:1 support on 6 helpful topics including The AllShare Framework, the S Pen SDK, Samsung AdHub, the ChatON API, Samsung Apps, and the Samsung Developer Program.

You can download all the documention at the Developer Day page. (Korean)



AllShare Framework: http://developer.samsung.com/allshare
S Pen SDK: http://developer.samsung.com/s-pen-sdk
ChatON API: http://developer.samsung.com/chaton
About Samsung Apps: http://developer.samsung.com/distribute/samsung-apps
Samsung AdHub: http://www.samsungadhub.com

Time Session
13:00~ 14:00 Registration
14:00~ 14:05 Welcome Speech
14:05~ 14:25 Samsung Devices and Services 000
14:25~ 15:00 AllShare Framework SDK 0
15:00~ 15:30 Memory Management with Multi-core and Dev Tip for ICS 0
15:30~ 15:45 Break
15:45~ 16:05 Special features of S Pen SDK 2.1 1
16:05~ 16:40 ChatON and Open API 9
16:40~ 16:55 Break
16:55~ 17:15 Samsung Developer Program 8
17:15~ 17:45 Samsung Apps and Marketing Support 7
17:45~ 18:00 Closing
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