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Samsung Developer Day 2012 in Cairo
Blog Apr 27, 2012

In today's smart phone increasing demand and the need for the SNS communication methods Samsung Egypt decided to lead this phase by having a workshop days for the developers of apps across Egypt, in this event Samsung Egypt is mainly aiming to promote its smart phones range and Samsung apps and announcing the Samsung Egypt local applications challenge and the first Samsung paid store.

We will be having the day in one the most attractive spots in Cairo which is Zamalek area and mainly in Marriot, in which the developers will enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of the Modern and old Cairo through this fascinating hotel architecture .

Afthe registration process and the welcome speech we will be starting to give session to the developers for the new updates of the android and the Bada for Samsung by the Samsung software engineers who will be coming from SAMSMUG Head office mainly for this purpose. This will be a very challenging sessions that will allow the Egyptian developers to hear from the our Samsung engineers about topics that will direct affect their development of the apps in Egypt.

At this event, we will highlight the newly released S Pen software developer kit (SDK) 2.0, which enables developers to build applications that take advantage of the innovative pen input solution incorporated with Samsung’s flagship GALAXY Note. S pen SDK 2.0 allows developers to make animation with recorded voice from the drawing. notably a development advice session on Samsung’s bada 2.0 platform and a demonstration of its main features.

At the Samsung Developer Day 2012 in Cario, we will also unveil a collaboration model and a business proposal designed to benefit both Samsung and application developers. We will announce a host of new features for its popular Samsung Apps market to guide developers how to commoditize their apps using its unique features and Samsung AdHub. also we will have discussions on the benefits for developers including how to utilize its marketing channels to add value to its applications and developers.

Event Detail

Registration Time: from 11th of April to 1st of May

Announcements of Attendance : 2nd to 4th of May

Developer Day : 6th & 7th of May

Attendees: 100 Android and bada Developers

Venue: Marriot Zamalek Hotel (16 Saray Elgezira ST, Cairo, Egypt, see the location)

Register and see the event detail at
Samsung Apps Egypt Page (Facebook)


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