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Samsung Developer Day at MWC 2012
Blog Feb 29, 2012

Samsung Developers held its Samsung Developer Day event as part of the ADC (Application Developer Conference) at App Planet, a dedicated developer event hosted at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

This event marks the second consecutive year that Samsung has hosted its Developer Day at the Congress as part of its efforts to nurture and expand its global mobile developer network. With more than 500 developers in attendance and under the banner theme of “Learn, Share, Network”, this year’s event was aimed at promoting the increasingly diverse range of open platform technologies and services offered by Samsung, including its flagship bada platform.

“In the fast-changing environment of the mobile market, we need to continually innovate across a diverse range of products and services in order to remain competitive,” said KH Kwon, Senior Vice President of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics. “As we’re demonstrating at this year Mobile World Congress, we are committed to partnering with content developers and bolstering the tools and resources we provide them on an ongoing basis through a variety of programs and collaboration models”

At this year’s event, Samsung highlighted the newly released S Pen software developer kit (SDK) 2.0, which enables developers to build applications that take advantage of the innovative pen input solution incorporated with Samsung’s flagship GALAXY Note. S pen SDK 2.0 allows developers to make animation with recorded voice from the drawing. Samsung also hosted a number of technical and information sessions, notably a development advice session on Samsung’s bada 2.0 platform and a demonstration of its main features.

Among the featured speakers at the event were developers responsible for Soonr Scribble, Touchnote , two applications designed for GALAXY Note which have gained tremendous success in recent months. Their presentations on hands-on development experience with the S Pen SDK drew particular interest from the audience.

Samsung Developers also unveiled a collaboration model and a business proposal designed to benefit both Samsung and application developers. It announced a host of new features for its popular Samsung Apps market to guide developers how to commoditize their apps using its unique features and Samsung AdHub. There was also a discussion on the benefits for developers including how to utilize its marketing channels to add value to its applications and developers. The new Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program was introduced, which is designed to foster development of enterprise applications across Samsung-supported platforms.

All the documents now available at Developer Day page.http://developer.samsung.com/mwc2012

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