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Samsung Developers Day 2012 in Tokyo
Blog Mar 28, 2012
 The recent Samsung Developer Day in Tokyo was a dedicated event for application developers in Japan. With more than 200 developers in attendance and under the banner theme of “Learn, Share, Network”, the event was aimed at promoting the increasingly diverse range of open platform technologies and services offered by Samsung. 

 At the event, Samsung highlighted the latest GALAXY Note series and the newly released S Pen software developer kit (SDK) 2.0.1. The S Pen SDK enables developers to build applications that take advantage of the innovative pen input solution featured in GALAXY Note devices. 
  Developers can use the S Pen SDK to create powerful pen-driven drawing apps and add features such as voice recording, using the Samsung Animated Multimedia Messaging (SAMM) library class. 

 Among the featured speakers at the event were the developers responsible for MyStory and Hello Crayon. These applications were designed for the GALAXY Note and have gained tremendous success in recent months. Their presentations and hands-on development experience with the S Pen SDK drew particular interest from the audience. 

 There was also a presentation about Samsung Apps, the application marketplace which has recently expanded its global coverage to Japan. With Samsung Apps, developers can monetize their apps using features such as Samsung AdHub and In-App Purchasing. There was also a discussion of how developers can utilize its marketing channels to add value to their applications. 
  The day was brought to a close with a Q&A session and we hope developers left filled with creative ideas for creating some great S Pen apps. 

 All the documents will available soon at Developer Day page. 

Latest version of S Pen SDK:
Samsung AdHub:
About Samsung Apps:http://developer.samsung.com/distribute

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