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Summary of Samsung Developers Day 2012 in Cairo
Blog May 16, 2012
Samsung recently announced launching its Samsung Developers Day Workshop in Cairo, Egypt. The workshop was hosted at the Mariott Zamalek from the 6th to the 7th of May, and was specifically designed to support start up developers, undergraduates and fresh graduates in the development of Samsung platform mobile apps for Android, bada and Samsung smart TV.

Talking about the importance of the workshop Mr. Duke Park, General Manager of Samsung Egypt said “Samsung is constantly striving to support the Egyptian youth in the development of local talent and provide them with the tools to successfully develop their own businesses. At Samsung we pride ourselves on constantly providing our consumer base with the latest technological innovations, and realizing the potential that Egyptian youth have in the IT sector, we developed this workshop.”

During the two-day event, around 260 participants were trained in the latest mobile application development techniques with a number of workshops and training sessions provided by senior staffers from Samsungs headquarters. Additionally, a number of competitions took place to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and creative ideas, with awards being given to participants to recognize their efforts and contributions to the Samsung Developers Day.

The event is expected to draw on the huge potential that Egypt’s growing youth population has already shown in the field of information technology and mobile phone app development. It is hoped that through the workshop participants will develop the skills needed to successfully work and compete in this industry, with the possibility of some of them even working with Samsung at a future stage.

Latest version of S Pen SDK:


09:00~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00 Samsung opening Speech
10:00~10:30 Break
10:30~11:00 The next wave
11:00~11:30 UX and Services
11:30~12:00 bada 2.0 SDK features
12:00~12:30 bada Developer Program
12:30~13:00 Android Platform Quick overview
13:00~13:30 Downloading and installing Android
13:30~14:00 Break
14:00~14:30 Activities (Android activity lifecycle)
14:30~15:00 Intents explicit and implicit. The need of intent filters
15:00~15:20 Create your first application
15:20~15:30 Samsung Developer Ecosystem
15:30~16:30 Lunch
16:30~17:00 Android Development Tools

09:00~09:30 Views (Android Text view, Edit Text, Button, ImageButton,CheckBox, ToggleButton,
RadioButton, RadioGroup)
09:30~10:00 Layout Managers & Multi Screens
10:00~10:30 User Interface (Android Multiple Screens)
10:30~11:00 Break
11:00~11:30 Multimedia (Android multimedia framework)
11:30~12:30 Data Storage
12:30~13:00 Communications & Networking
13:00~13:30 Break
13:30~14:30 Android Features and Apps for S Pen SDK 2.0.1
14:30~15:00 S Pen SDK Live Coding
15:00~15:30 Samsung Libraries for Android
15:30~16:30 Lunch
16:30~17:00 Packaging your application for uploading to Samsungapps marketplace (Signing & Uploading) 

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