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Announcing the updated and redesigned SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS site
News Oct 18, 2012

Welcome to the redesigned and revamped SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS!

The site has taken on a new look with a more functional design and layout. We welcome all developers to experience our new site for an easier and more comfortable navigation with the optimum support needed for developing your applications.

Easy Navigation & Improved UX

The main page has a fresh new design that not only provides easier navigation but also a more functional user experience. In addition to the Android, bada and Smart TV platforms, you now have easier and quicker access to all the various services the site provides (①) such as the S Pen SDK, ChatON API and the Download Center (②). You can get to the sources you need right away from the main page with just a single click. Clicking the button right beside the logo (③), you can find the site map folded and easily navigate all the contents.

Under the ‘Develop’ menu, all the documentation and resources needed for app development can be found. All the documents and resources are re-organized with an improved information architecture, so you can easily access all the technical documents with the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

Get all the tools at the Download Center

This site update introduces the Download Center, a place where you can get an overall view of all the latest resources Samsung Developers provides. Here you can find all the technical resources in the quickest way.

Share your thoughts at the Forum

The Forum has been completely redesigned with a new look focused on improving the user experience. The forums are accessible directly through the menu navigation at the top, allowing you to navigate all the threads from here. We also provide reading recommendations with the ‘Most Viewed Posts’, ‘Most Replied Posts’, and Most Tags’ lists.

We always appreciate your continuous support and hope that you enjoy our newly redesigned site!

Thank you.

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