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Meet the improved Samsung AdHub!
News Dec 20, 2012
 1.What is the Samsung AdHub
Samsung AdHub is an advertising platform that reaches across a multi-device experience, from mobile, to tablets, and to Smart TVs.  This allows advertisers and App developers to promote and realize revenues through the many forms of digital media consumers are interacting with, in the various aspects of daily life.  Advertising gains exposure worldwide, in over 120 countries.

2. Samsung AdHub, monetization tool for App developers
AdHub aims to provide our premium publishers with exceptional service.  Along with our various platform capabilities, our team will directly assist to help achieve your goals.

For App developers, Samsung AdHub will enable them to generate revenues through their applications on mobile, tablet, and Smart TV using a single advertising solution.  Real-time-bidding capabilities, or "RTB," will allow publishers to maximize the value of their inventories, with bids occurring in real-time.  Having access to our global ad pool will allow publishers to fill their inventory with localized ads worldwide.
3. Major update to Samsung AdHub(Dec 12th)
We appreciate your continual support of the service so far. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and add new features to the AdHub service ensuring you have the best possible AdHub experience.
* Video ad formats
* Rich media templates
* Supporting Additional currency – Korean won(KRW)
* Revamped reporting tools
Please visit SamsungAdHub website(http://www.sasmungadhub.com) and Find out more about our major AdHub update on December 12th, 2012.
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