Samsung Account

Samsung Account is an integrated Account service which allows users to join all Samsung Services for mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, and newly planning smart home appliances. Once you adopt Samsung account, you can immediately connect 200 million of Samsung account users across all Samsung services on any device.
Samsung Account is now open the service API to the external partners. Users who have Samsung Account can also sign in the partner services.

Request Process

Samsung Account API is available to selected partners.

  • Register
    Samsung Account
    If you don’t have Samsung Account, you can create new account here.
  • Apply Partnership
    To request for access right and app id, please apply through Partnership Request menu.
  • Confirm an approval
    If your request for Samsung account API approved, you will receive an approval e-mail. You can be provided the Samsung account partner Notifications with API Key as well.
  • Your App Information
    will be registered
    Samsung Account team will register your APP information into the Samsung server in order to support sign-up and sign-in within your applications. (Weekly update : every Friday, gathered by previous Friday)
  • Develop
    an App
    Develop your application with Samsung Account APIs. Your applications will be able to act with Samsung account server within 3-8 days after partner notification.

Samsung Account API

Samsung Account API enables you to integrate Samsung Account into your own applications providing unified user experience to your customers. By using Samsung Account API, you can provide your users integrated IDs and let them join not only your service but also all the existing and upcoming Samsung services. You can let your users who have Samsung Account enjoy all these services easily without additional sign up/in process.

Once you apply Samsung Account API to your service, both Account information in Samsung Account server and partner’s sever will be shared.

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