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Implementing Drag-and-Drop across Apps in Multi-Window Mode

Learn how to implement drag-and-drop for Galaxy Z Fold devices.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Things to Consider when Designing Complication Layouts

This article introduces three important behaviors that you must keep in mind when working with complication layouts.

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Foldable Device Features with Unity and Unreal Engine 4

Foldable technology for mobile is a ground-breaking experience not only for users but also for developers.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues While Using the Remote Test Lab Service

Find solutions for common issues when using Remote Test Lab.

tutorials Galaxy Watch

Design Complications Using Watch Face Studio

Learn how to add complications to your watch face design using Watch Face Studio for Galaxy Watches running on Wear OS powered by Samsung.

Important SmartThings Platform Changes
announcement IoT

The New Era of Edge and Matter

Edge drivers using Lua have replaced the legacy Groovy DTHs for controlling devices.

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Seller Portal 2022 Q2 Latest News

A reminder about changes to requirements for Android apps and themes and read about the updates for IAP, themes, the Help tab, and Galaxy Store Statistics from the last quarter.

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Unpacked August 2022: Developing an Unfolding World

Get your apps ready for the next generation of foldable devices.

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Whalekit’s George Airiyan Discusses Award-Winning 'Left to Survive' for Samsung

Success Story from a Best of Galaxy Store Award Winner.

How to Use Jetpack Window Manager in Android Game Dev
tutorials Game, Mobile

How to Use Jetpack WindowManager in Android Game Dev

Learn how to utilize foldable features in Android game apps.

Connect to Devices on Remote Test Lab using RDB in Android Studio
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Connect to Devices on Remote Test Lab Using RDB in Android Studio

Use Remote Debug Bridge (RDB) to test and debug applications in Android Studio over an adb connection to a real device on Remote Test Lab.

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18.0 Beta: Enhanced Privacy, Enhanced UI

Text capture, Smart Anti-Tracking, more privacy features and UI tweaks, oh my! Check out the latest updates to the Samsung Internet Browser Beta.

tutorials Health, Galaxy Watch

Exercise statistics monitoring

Health Services provide multiple ways of aggregating your exercise progress. Learn the most efficient techniques.

Easily Create Watch Face Assets for Google Play Store Listings by Tony Morelan
tutorials Galaxy Watch, Marketplace

Easily Create Watch Face Assets for Google Play Store Listings

Quickly and easily export the required graphic assets for your watch app for Galaxy Watch on Wear OS powered by Samsung.

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Managing In-App Items Using the Galaxy Store Developer API and Python

View, create, modify, and remove in-app items using the IAP Publish API and Python.

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JOYME's CEO Yuki He Discusses LiveMe, Award-Winning Entertainment App on Galaxy Store

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App Management Using the Galaxy Store Developer API and Python

Upload and submit an update to your app using the Galaxy Store Developer API and Python.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Health

Check Which Sensor You Can Use in Galaxy Watch Running Wear OS Powered by Samsung

Develop a wearable app for Galaxy Watch4 that shows if a sensor is accessible

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Seller Portal 2022 Q1 Updates

Read about two key updates to Seller Portal in 2022 Q1

Adobe Acrobat Reader
success story Marketplace, Mobile, Foldable

Shilpi Aggarwal Discusses Adobe's Award-Winning Acrobat Reader

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Announcing 17.0: Privacy by Default

Samsung Internet 17.0 stable release brings Web Authentication and on-by-default privacy features

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New with 17.0 Beta: Web Authentication

Web Authentication is coming to Samsung Internet Beta 17.0

tutorials Health, Galaxy Watch

Handling Fitness Goals Using Health Services

Health Services provide the ability to monitor a user's data in the background. Learn how to get notifications for a user event.

success story Game, Mobile

Accelerate game performance based on SceneSDK

Using SceneSDK, synchronize the control of hardware resources and game scenarios to optimize performance.

Rivengard by Snowprint Studios
success story Game, Mobile, Marketplace

Snowprint Studios' CEO Alexander Ekvall Discusses Award-Winning Games and Success with Galaxy Store

Learn more about Alexander Ekvall, Snowprint Studios and what inspires them.

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Want Statistics for Your Apps Using the Galaxy Store Developer API?

How to implement the Galaxy Store Statistics APIs using Python to get statistical data about your apps.

GDC 2022 highlights by Tony Morelan
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GDC 2022: Conference Highlights

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Best Practices for In-App Monetization

In 2021, 79% of consumer spending on games globally was from in-app purchases, microtransactions and add-on content for games.

How to Install Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung Watch Faces
tutorials Galaxy Watch, Mobile, Marketplace

How to Install Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung Watch Faces

Discover the many ways to find and install watch faces for Galaxy Watch4.

Samsung's Justin Kubiak reflects on the Game Developers Conference

Game Developers Conference 2022 Recap

Here's a quick recap of GDC with Justin Kubiak, Head of Global Games Partnerships at Samsung.