Smart Accessory using Galaxy Friends


With Samsung Galaxy Friends, you can enjoy access to its accessory platform service. You may get your content quickly and easily by simply connecting your device to an accessory with Samsung Galaxy Friends. A variety of available accessories for Samsung Galaxy Friends can be seen in the figure below.

Figure 1 Samsung Tizen TV Web Simulator

Figure 1 Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Friends

Users with smart accessory can get contents of Samsung Galaxy Friends from the server through its Android SDK which reads the data. Moreover, users can have an enhanced experience and creative customization by connecting 3rd party accessories to Samsung cloud and native apps.

Figure 1 Samsung Tizen TV Web Simulator

Figure 2 Connecting 3rd Party Accessories


Access Samsung Galaxy Friends’ data from your application.


  1. a) At least Java SE Development Kit 8

  2. b) Android Studio

  3. c) Experience Kit

  4. d) Note 9

Application Development

Setting Service Content
  1. 1. To access the web portal, go to

  2. 2. Click Sign In to go to the Login Page.

  3. 3. Enter your email address/phone number and password, then click Sign In button to access the web portal.


    If you do not have a Samsung Account, click the Sign Up button to create your account.

  4. 4. Select Service from the left pane to display your services.

  5. 5. When a service is selected, Service information will be displayed. Select Modify to update your service.

  6. 6. The service provider can update the elements of the service by selecting the screen type and updating its components. Select Save to update your service, then Preview Service to view the updated elements and finally, click Submit to finalize your updates.

    1. a. Start Screen

      Allows the user to set the wallpaper and enter the intro message.

    2. b. Update Screen

      Allows the user to set the update screen’s wallpaper

    3. c. Welcome Screen

      Allows the user to set the wallpaper of the welcome screen.

    4. d. Goodbye Screen

      Allows the user to set the wallpaper of the goodbye screen.

    5. e. Lock Screen

      Allows the user to set the date/time displayed on the lock screen.


      Allows the user to set the background type of the lock screen.


      Allows the user to set shortcut settings, such as shortcut type and shortcut count, in the lock screen.


      Allows the user to set the icon design, label, and link/feature of the shortcuts.

  7. 7. Once approved, the display updates will be pushed to users subscribed to your service.

Installing the Service to a Mobile Device
  1. 1. To install the service to your mobile device, place your device on top of the experience kit.

  2. 2. Wait for the data to be pushed and installed on your mobile device.

  3. 3. Once installed, your device will now display the assets selected in the web portal.

  4. 4. When the device is removed from the experience kit, the assets will be uninstalled from the mobile device.


    The content provider can set the duration and behavior of the assets on the mobile device from the web portal.