To run the code, the following software is required to be installed on your local machine.

  1. Docker Desktop

    Please note that a user account should be created from:

    a. To install on Mac, please refer to this link:

    b. To install on Windows, please refer to this link:

    c. To install on Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, or others), please refer to this link:

  2. Git (optional but recommended)

    a. Windows

    b. Mac or Linux

Then, the source code of the lessons can be downloaded from the GitHub repository:

To download the code, you can either use the following command with a command-line interface.

git clone

Or, we can download the zip file directly from the GitHub repository. Once you have downloaded the file (as a zip file), please extract the file to your own favourite location. We will refer the path to the directory as the project root in the future.

Sample Code

Here is a sample code for you to start coding this activity. Feel free to download them and start your learning experience! Sample Code163.39 MB